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David Ellefson (Megadeth)

KYE: You must get asked about your relationship with Dave Mustaine at Q&A's quite often...

DAVID: Yeah people ask, they want to know. What is our relationship? How does it work? How is Dave to work with? Sometime people can create... I don’t want to say a prejudice, more like a scenario in their mind. But what happens when we do these Q&A type things is you can really tell the depth of it... it's not just a quote in an interview. You're dealing with music, you're dealing with friendships, money, business and careers... all that type of stuff.

KYE: You've just released an autobiography titled 'My Life With Deth' it's quite revealing and personal. How hard was it to write?

DAVID: It's funny because the book encompasses a lot, it goes deep into my own personal life, different things i went through both in and out of Megadeth.

KYE: After the book came out were there any stories you realised you forgot to mention?

DAVID: There were a few things I chose to edit out because for whatever reason they didn't seem to flow with the topic at hand. It's impossible to put your entire life into one book and if you did it would get so boring to read. There are things that just don't make good reading in a book, just like there's a lot of music and songs you can write but don't need to put it all on your debut album.

KYE: Why was now the right time to release a book?

DAVID: It came up in 2010, my co-author Joe Macgyver who had interviewed me several times before for various bass guitar publications mostly over in England and Europe. He knows the history of Megadeth, he's a fan of the group, he's a fan of my playing, and he is also a professional journalist. He's written these type of books before, he really knew the right questions to ask and the extent of the context. First of all I trusted Joe, he's a gentleman and a friend. When writing a book you really need to be able to trust that person, you strip a person down to their bare naked self. So you have to be comfortable with that person like you are with a buddy. When he approached me about it in 2010 he said "I think now is the time to do it", he really pushed me, he wouldn't let it go. So eventually I said 'alight! let’s do it", I've always wanted to write one I just didn't know when the right time was and I'm glad he pushed me for it and pushed me through the process.

KYE: So when can we expect the new album?

DAVID: We're working on the album now, we've spent the last few several months writing it and getting into the final phase of pre-production and rehearsals for it,. We should start officially recording the album in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Initially we thought it would be a 2010 release but now we've realised there's no hurry for it so I would say in the next year you can expect a new Megadeth record.


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