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LEVI: I saw my first ever Opiuo show recently at 'Rabbits Eat Lettuce' really enjoyed it. How was the event for you? and how do outdoor raves compare to club shows?

OSCAR: Yeah I had a great time up there. People were super fun and loose, and didn't seem too bothered about the extreme mud and rain!

When it comes to outdoors vs clubs it's easy, I much prefer outdoors. Music sounds better outside (when done right). The environment is usually exponentially more interesting, and you have the freedom to experience the show from whatever angle or distance you want. I grew up going to outdoor parties so maybe I'm biased. That being said, clubs have their advantages too, especially established ones. They've had the time to get their sound system tuned to perfection, weather is never an issue, and you always know what you are going to get.

LEVI: You're playing this Friday at Brisbane's Hi Fi Bar in West End with your band. How did this project come about? I'm guessing you come from a totally different school of music from the people you perform with, was it at all difficult for you to translate your ideas to the band?

OSCAR: I've been working on this band project for a long time now, so its been a slow process to get everything 100% right. I've tested many methods and ideas, and come up with what I feel is the perfect mix of electronic and organic sound. We drop track after track just like a DJ would, and keep the energy high, but also maximise the mellow parts to transport you to a different realm amongst instruments and vocals.

Some of the band are also from the electronic world, so it hasn't been that difficult to explain and explore the ideas and vibes with them.

LEVI: I know quite a lot of electronic musicians are inspired by music outside of their own genre. What non-electro musicians and genres inspire you?

OSCAR: Many many worlds inspire me. From hiphop to folk, techno to drum n bass, funk to rock. It's a big pot of ideas ready to be pulled a part! So many artists to name I'd be here for days.

LEVI: I read on your bio you've performed alongside MC Hammer, how did this come about? Did you get the chance to meet him?

OSCAR: Google asked me to perform as part of a private event in San Francisco on my first USA tour years ago. I played to a room of google geeks, it was awesome! Hammer was dope as well. Equipped with dancers and suits (no hammer pants though), but he rocked it. I met him very briefly, he was super chill.

LEVI: Some electro artist like to keep tricks a secret while others are happy to provide sound making tutorials on Youtube. Are you the secretive type? Do you think leaking your tips would result in copy-cats?

OSCAR: I keep some things to myself, and some things Im more than happy to share. I honestly don't think teaching the world technical tips alone is the way forward. I believe in sharing ideas and vibes on how to approach music as a whole is much more worth while. If all we knew how to make a bass line the same as each other, yes we'd all sound the same. But if we all also learn how to capture an energy of a song, translate it into something original, something special, then we will continue to push the boundaries of whats possible.

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