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Ben Naime (In Hearts Wake)

Kye: Congratulations on making it to number 2 on the aria charts, how did you guys celebrate?:

Ben: We’re really stocked, with our kind of genre the heavier stuff it’s just amazing. For us and everyone else in the heavy scene it’s fantastic. We had a little celebration at my house down in the Byron Shire last Friday and got together with the family and had a few drinks. We were really stocked.

Kye: This album is actually a sequel to your last album ‘Earthwalker”, was it always your plan to record two albums and hold one off?

Ben: Yeah it was, we started writing for a new album a few years ago. About halfway through the song writing our singer Jake came up with this idea and thought let’s do something different and release a double album but release them separately and not tell anyone about it. So we had that idea going into the studio, we knew we had to record twice as much material for both albums. We got it all done and we just had to sit on the second album for a year before we released it.

Kye: You kept the information about the about album under tight wraps, were there any slip ups?

Ben: What we did was, we actually had a piece of paper hidden behind the CD tray of the first album ‘Earthwalker” which contained the lyrics for our first single off “Skydancer”. There were a few people that figured it out, they dropped their CD and the tray accidentally fell out, they saw the lyrics but had no idea what it was for. A few people picked up on what was going on but other than that we really kept it under wraps. We didn’t even tell some of our best friends that we had another album we intended to release.

Kye: Did you play any of the new songs live?

Ben: No, we kept it a complete secret. We didn’t play any of the songs live till we released out first single “Breakaway”. We were touring in America when that was released so we started playing it over there.

Kye: So it has actually been awhile since you guys were in the studio, have you started writing new material yet?

Ben: Yeah, whenever we have downtime, we’re always working on stuff. We always have material there to work with. We have been really busy with touring lately for the past few months and the rest of the year is quite full on with touring too. We have a bit of stuff in the works just for when we’re ready and have the time to work on the next record, but for now we are just focused on touring, international touring as well.

Kye: You’re hitting the road pretty damn soon, going all around the country. You actually have international support from “We Came As Romans” what made you decide to bring them?

Ben: The venues that have sold out are big venues, doing a tour like that by yourself is pretty hard so you’ve got to have something else as well to back it up, those guys are a huge band they have been around for a while now. We like what they are doing and we thought we really want to make this tour special and have an all-round massive tour package. We thought we’d ask if those guys wanted to come out, we actually met them over in the states and they seem like really nice guys. They can’t wait to come down here and we can’t wait to show them around.


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