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Bradley Walden (Emarosa)

Levi: You guys are touring Australia for the first time in June, are you pretty excited about coming down under?

Bradley: Yeah, absolutely. I’ve never been, I couldn’t be more excited to check out the culture and the vibe and do some shows.

Levi: You’ve got a new album called ‘Versus’, it’s the first album you’ve done with Emarosa, how did the recording go? Are the fans treating you well as the new front man?

Bradley: The recording was rough, there was a lot of pressure of what the group wanted to be and there was a lot of pressure from the fans, some were more kind than others. Their previous singer tended to bring the worst out in some people, they weren’t the kindest to deal with. All I could do is do the best I could as a musician and write about stuff that meant a lot to me.

Levi: I love the album, I’m one of those music fans that like line-ups to stay original, but I think you did a great job, you suite the band and I hope you stick around for a while…

Bradley: Thank you, I hope so too. We’re writing another album right now, so I imagine there will be another record soon.

Levi: What’s happening with Squid the Whale now? Are they finished or will they find another singer?

Bradley: They’re still jamming, they’re still really good friends of mine. They’re happy I made this decision. I’m actually going to be playing a small little reunion show with them for fun in Michigan, just to hang out, have some fun and play some music. As far as the future goes I don’t know what they’re doing. They have jobs now and they’re doing their thing, I can’t really speak of the future. I know they’ve been writing and hanging out, I hope for the best for them.

Levi: Your albums sounds reminiscent of stuff we’ve got going on in Australia with bands like Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and Birds of Tokyo. Are you influenced by any of our bands?

Bradley: You know I don’t, the only band I really know is ‘Hands Like Houses’, I’m so looking forward to it, I know there’s a lot of bands on this tour. I’m really looking forward to playing with all the local bands and to be influenced by them.

Levi: Were you friends with Jonny Craig before joining the band? Do you know him well?

Bradley: I don’t know him well, I know that he’s not fond of me because I took the position that he was kicked out of. I wouldn’t say we’re really friends, he does his thing, and I do mine. I kind of leave it at that.

Levi: I’ve heard Jonny Craig is open to record with the band again, do you think they ever want to record with him again?

Bradley: They don’t. If they wanted to they would have done it in the four years they were without a vocalist. Being as close to the band as I am now I know that as of right now they have no interest and zero desire to work with him again.

Levi: I’m a big record collector, can I find ‘Versus’ on vinyl?

Bradley: Yeah, absolutely. Rise released it 100% on vinyl. You can get it on Rise’s website. Some people will send me photos, I don’t know what kind of retailers you have there but I know places like Best-Buy have it on vinyl.

Levi: You said you were working on new songs, will you be testing out material on tour? Can you tell us the direction you want the album to go in?

Bradley: We’re not testing anything out yet. We’re just getting into the writing process pretty recently. We don’t really set out to have one type of sound, we’ve just been writing and it’s been a cool process its feeling pretty dark right now it’s feeling very Emarosa. I’m excited about it because I’ve always loved the band, as a fan if I feel something is not right then I know that’s not the kind of song I want to write.

Levi: If you could pick any band to play alongside, who would it be?

Bradley: Acceptance, Acceptance is my all-time favourite band hands down. Ever since I heard their album ‘Phantoms’ they’ve been my number one. I was so excited when they said they were coming out to do a reunion.

Levi: People know you as a singer but is there any talents you have outside of music?

Bradley: I used to be a fire-fighter in the Military. I was in the US military, in the Air-Force as a fire-fighter for four years.

Levi: Would you recommend it as a job?

Bradley: For someone that doesn’t know what they want to be or what they want to do I think it’s great for young people to have some kind of discipline and understanding of how the world works. It’s not for everybody but I appreciate the lessons I learnt while I was in.

Levi: You guys look like you keep pretty fit, the training as a fire-fighter would have helped too. Do you guys still work out and keep fit and healthy?

Bradley: We are definitely health nuts, most of us anyways. I try to go to the gym twice a day, our bass player is a big runner.

Levi: I’m lucky if I can make the gym four times a week, definitely not twice a day, I might need to step it up…

Bradley: It’s not easy you’ve got to find the time. It was tough getting into it, I ended up having to hire a trainer for like a month, I had him live with me and he really instilled in me what I had to do.

Levi: If it’s twice a day would you do cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon?

Bradley: yeah, just run a couple of miles in the morning, whatever you can do. Then later on in the day you go do more weight training or whatever.

Levi: What are your goals for the next five years of Emarosa?

Bradley: I want to make music… Fuck that’s such an awesome question. It’s tough you know, I think about where I was five years ago and It’s like I don’t really know, In five years so much can happen, I want to tour the world and that’s already starting to happen with the band. I want to make music, I want to write my best piece of work I’ve ever written, and I’d like to feel accomplished with Emarosa. Ultimately I’d like the legacy of Emarosa to not be about the band or just one person and I think we could build a legacy. From day one, from Chris to Jonny to now there’s something about it, about the band that’s bigger than its members.


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