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Ross Knight (Cosmic Psychos)

Kye: You’ve just released a new film clip for "Better not Bitter” which is quite full on. How would you describe it?

Ross: It’s very ‘Wolf Creek’ish, in fact quite a lot ‘Wolf Creek’ish, there’s a bit of death and destruction and a lot of swearing. If you’re after that stuff it hits the nail right on the head.

Kye: The short film at the start of the music video is awesome, where did the idea come from?

Ross: Matt who made the clip, he makes a lot of films and all kind of stuff. He just kind of ran with it, he said he’s always wanted to do a ‘Wolf Creek’ takin the piss out of it style film clip. Matt being Matt ended up make a full production film clip out of it. We knocked it off in a day, basically he just told us what to do, and us being good little boys just sat there drinking beers and did exactly what we were told to. It was a very, very fun day. We did it all in one day and it was hilarious.

Kye: Have you had much experience acting in film clips before?

Ross: Not really, it’s always been pretty basic. As far as acting goes we’ve been acting the fool for over 30 years. To just run around and just be a bunch of knobs… we’re pretty good at that.

Kye: Your fans have always been pretty open minded, they’re big on drinking and celebrating Aussie culture, but did they take well to the film clip?

Ross: I wouldn’t have a clue, I don’t even own a computer. If anyone wants to complain about it they’ll have to write me a letter. That will be challenging enough for the general public to do because the price of stamps have gone up too. So it’s gonna be a very expensive complaint.

Kye: You’re going to be doing a co-heading tour with ‘Dunerats’, how did you guys hook up and decide to tour together?

Ross: Well I think we both use the same booker. I dunno. It was just a suggestion and the powers to be said ‘you know what with the Australian fans it might just work’. I guess there’s a lot of ‘Dunerats’ fans who didn’t think they’d be looking at a bunch of old fat blokes with no hair. They’ve gotta put up with us before they see their beloved ‘Dunerats’. ‘Dunerats’ get to play in front of a bunch of old farts like ourselves. But generally speaking we seem to pretty similar as bands. With our attitudes and just taking the piss and we’re generally having a good time.

Kye: Not to criticize those guys but they do seem to have a bit of an Indie/Hipster type following, how do you think they will go seeing Cosmic Psychos live?

Ross: Well that won’t be for me to worry about, I certainly won’t be worried about it. If we can upset hipsters then you bloody beauty.

Kye: ‘Dunerats’ are a lot younger than you guys, is there anything you want to teach them on tour?

Ross: I think the only think ‘The Psyhcos’ are capable of teaching the ‘Dunerats’ is that they’d better take their beer rider on stage because we’ll end up drinking it all.

Kye: You’ve been touring for over 30 years now, have you got into shit for taking bands riders before?

Ross: Nar, not really. I do remember a festival down at Melbourne, I think the band was ‘Custard’, we got there early and we drank all our grog. They refused to give us more beer, so when ‘Custard’ got on stage we ended up breaking into their band room and nickin’ a few bottles of their stuff. We got sprung for doing that, but it wasn’t really a get sent to jail type mission. We just figured our beer rider is everybody’s beer rider. We’ve nicked beer off some of the biggest bands in the world and it really hasn’t come back to bite us in the bum.

Kye: This tour is to promote your latest album ‘Cum the Raw Prawn’, how different was it recording this album then from the start of your career? Have you adopted new technologies?

Ross: Not really, when we did the first album we just did it in the practice room. We sorta did it ourselves but usually in the studio, which we’ve had the privilege to work with Butch Vig, a true professional that guy was. There’s something about our band, we seem to drag everyone down to our level, before you know it everyone’s drowning in beer and hot food, and it all just turns into a bit of a party. This one was done at me farm, so it was a little bit different again. As far as the technology goes… I guess modern technology allows you to do all that kind of stuff and makes it more portable, you can record here there and everywhere. But my knowledge of recording is, I plug my guitar into a Vox and a lead goes somewhere and into something else, and I just leave it at that.


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