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ALBUM REVIEW: Muse - Drones


Epic Scale: 8/11

Production: 11/11

Originality: 8/11

Album Art and Packaging: 7/11

OVERALL: 8.5/11


1."Dead Inside" 4:24

2."[Drill Sergeant]" 0:21

3."Psycho" 5:28

4."Mercy" 3:52

5."Reapers" 5:59

6."The Handler" 4:33

7."[JFK]" 0:54

8."Defector" 4:33

9."Revolt" 4:05

10."Aftermath" 5:48

11."The Globalist" 10:07

12."Drones" 2:51

Drones” continues the pop and funk influences we heard on "The Resistance" and "The 2nd Law", while still making throwbacks at times to their early sluggish industrial grunge sound. It's amazing how relevant and consistent Muse have remained over the years. Somehow they manage to make ambitious changes in direction while still remaining true to their original epic, bombastic and somewhat over the top sound.

"Dead Inside" and 'Psycho" are insanely catchy and memorable, "reapers" borrows heavily from Tom Morello's grove style. “Aftermath” takes the album in a slower more atmospheric/progressive direction, certainly one of their most beautiful ballads to date.

As a fan of Muse’s more ambitious recent work for me the second half of the album is the most enjoyable. The lengthy ten minute epic “The Globalist” is in my opinion the greatest track on the album. Picture Pink Floyds “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” meets Ennio Morricones “Good the bad and the Ugly” Soundtrack.

Flawless from start to finish and featuring some of the bands heaviest arrangements yet. Thematically it’s very much in the same vein of the Orwellian based "The Resistance". Megalomania, mass control and dystopian societies seem to be a concept which intrigues Matthew Bellamy to further the intensity of the bands compositions. The album is a journey full of struggle, power, triumph and wonder. Obviously there will be naysayers that will say they lost it after "Absolution", but in this reviewers opinion it's another triumph for the band and as worthy as any other release in their back catalogue.


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