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YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Live @ The Tivoli, Brisbane

Still as electrifying as he was in the 80's, Yngwie charged in and set the room ablaze with precision sweep picking, arpeggios and warp speed shredding. Even after all these years there are very few guitarist that can play on the same level as Yngwie.

The Maestro unleashed a greatest hit showcase, opening with the set 'Rising 'Force', then continued to burn through classics like 'Blitzkrieg', 'Far Beyond the Sun' and 'Black Star'.

Even though the show wasn't a sell-out it didn't stop Yngwie from bringing his full arsenal which included twenty three Marshall stacks and a rack-full of white Fender Stratocasters. Round-house kicks, guitar-flips and even playing with his teeth were just some of the moves that were showcased.

Credit must also be given to the backing band who were superbly tight and highly skilled as musicians. Singer Nick Marino was pitch perfect and flawless behind the keyboards. Sometimes a guitarist may lose the passion after playing for many decades. But not Yngwie.

There is a genuine passion to his craft. It's been many years since Malmsteen has graced our shores, but I'm glad he returned. He is a must see for any shred obsessed neo-classical guitar enthusiast.

Listening to his albums and watching his clips on YouTube are impressive, but there is no substitute for the live performance. Yngwie Malmsteen is still the king of shred. I highly recommend seeing him perform if you get the chance.


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