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ALBUM REVIEW: Lamb of God - VII: Sturm und Drang


Epic Scale: 11/11

Production: 10/11

Originality: 9/11

Album Art and Packaging: 8/11

OVERALL: 9.5/11

1."Still Echoes" 4:22

2."Erase This" 5:08

3."512" 4:44

4."Embers" 4:56

5."Footprints" 4:24

6."Overlord" 6:28

7."Anthropoid" 3:38

8."Engage the Fear Machine" 4:48

9."Delusion Pandemic" 4:22

10."Torches" 5:17

The albums opener “Still Echoes” is everything you expect from Lamb of God; intense guitar riffs, the instantly recognizable sound of Chris Adler’s precession drum blasts and Randy Blyth’s furious guttural battle cries.

The first few tracks don’t hold many surprises, just Lamb of God doing what they do best. Willie Adler’s use of the talk box on “Erase This” is brilliant and something you rarely hear played alongside high level brutality.

Three songs in and I’m already making the call, this is their best work since 2006’s “Sacrament”. The riffs and lyrics on “512” are instantly memorable. After just one listen it had me singing out loud “My hands are painted red! My future's painted black!”.

The guitarists really step up their guitar chops on this album unleashing some the bands fastest shred action to date.

The album changes direction on “Embers” which features Chino Moreno from the Deftones. The off-beat grooves and Chinos haunting voice really creates a lucid and dreamlike audio landscape. For me this is the highlight song of the album, if you thought Deftones – "Passenger", featuring Maynard James Keenan was intense, wait till you hear this.

Overlord” is by far the biggest change in sound Lamb of God have done thus far in their career.

The slow progressive southern jam features Randy Blythes debut on clean vocals and I’ve got to say he does a pretty sweet job. I was so taken back from the song, I googled who the guest vocalist was before finding out it was indeed was Randy.

Engage the Fear Machine”, “Delusion Pandemic” are killer sounding LOG tracks, fast, thrashy and brutal. The final highlight of the album is found on the albums triumphant closing number “Torches” featuring Greg Puciato from The Dillinger Escape Plan. The vocal exchange between Randy and Greg is truly exemplary. The half time tempo’s and face melting guitar tones create tension and showcase a more dynamic side of Lamb of God.

Sturm Und Drang” is easily one of the best metal releases of 2015.

Lamb of God provide loads of brutality, thrash metal hooks and high energy breakdowns.

Plenty of new ground is broken on the album debuting a totally different side of the band.

Epic, bombastic and vulgarly powerful, Lamb of God prove once again they are one of the most deadly forces in the realm of metal.

If you dig Lamb of God, you’ll love this album, it certainly stands out as discography highlight.

Lamb Of God - VII Sturm Und Drang - Artwork.jpg

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