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Rodney Holder is best known as the drummer from legendary Australian Prog-Metal band Alchemist. Besides just playing music he is also quite experienced in the business side of the industry, he has done everything from festival management to teaching and also runs the Music Business Facts website, which gives an in-depth look on the industry from the perspective of artists, managers and industry experts.

Excerpts from the podcast:

Why he started musicbusinessfacts.com

“I teach at TAFE (music business studies), it’s a 12 month diploma. I think the students get tired of me giving my own personal opinions, I like to get guest lecturers to come in and give different perspectives on things which they have more expertise than I have. I’ve been doing that since back in 99. I started getting requests from people saying “did you record it?” and “can you share it?”. I thought I’d open it up from the 30 or 40 people in the classroom to everyone that would like to hear those perspectives”

On Dave Lombardo’s dismissal from Slayer

“The day Slayer were playing in Australia for Soundwave I was actually in the van with Slayer because I was driving them around for Soundwave in Brisbane. When they got off the plane from America they were actually talking about Dave. In Tom Araya’s words he kind of “threw them under a bus”. I kind of got to hear a little bit of both sides. Being in a band’s tough, you’ve got all these different relationships you’ve got to balance/juggle and at that level it becomes a big business.

On the future of Alchemist

“I never say it’s over, we kind of ran out of steam at the end and three of us started having kids. Never say never, I’d like to think that one day we’ll do something again. It won’t be in the near future. It’s really cool that we still get played and referred to. We’ll come back and show the young kids how it’s done one day.”

Check out www.musicbusinessfacts.com for more

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