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Levi: You just got back from a tour with In Hearts Wake, I know you met them earlier in the states. How was it playing in Australia with them?

Dave: I had so much fun on tour with those guys, we love their band and we love their music. It was cool to meet them and see how relaxed they were. Everyone was just a lot of fun on that tour.

Levi: You guys get a lot of hits on Spotify and YouTube, I was surprised to see you as the support band. Do you think if In Hearts Wake came to the US it would be the other way around?

Dave: Yeah, they’re definitely bigger than us in Australia but in America they would definitely support us. We’ve only been down to Australia four times in our entire career, compared to America… I don’t know how many times we’ve toured America. We’ve just had a lot more time to build up here than we have to build up there.

Levi: Your cover of Taylor Swift’sTrouble’ has over 7 million hits now, do you know if she’s heard it yet?

Dave: I don’t know. I would imagine she has, I mean I hope so at least. It is one of our most played videos on YouTube and our most played song on Spotify, so I really hope she’s heard it. But maybe she would tweet it out if she did. It was cool out last cover of ‘I’m Glad You Came’ by The Wanted got tweeted out with a link to the video, it was pretty cool.

Levi: Is there any other songs you have planned for later?

Dave: Every time we do a cover we say it’s going to be our last one and then we always end up doing another. So we all feel that way right now, like alright “that’s it” and then another comes up to do another one and we’re like “okay, well do it”. We do have fun doing it and I know the fans love em’ and making the music videos are always a lot of fun too, I’ll just leave it at “We’ll see” for now.

Levi: You stated out in the band doing guitar and keyboards, how does it feel going from the back of the stage to being the front man?

Dave: I’ve always been a singer in this band, apart from the very early days when I played guitar. So I switched from guitars to vocals I’m pretty used to it, along long time ago in 2007 I switched from guitar to vocals. It was a lot different guitar sound, we were all over the place, in 2008 Kyle joined up and now it way more fun.

Levi: You’ve got a new self-titled album coming out, I read you recorded 40 tracks for the album but only ended up choosing 10. How did you come up with 40 songs? That’s 4 albums worth of material…

Dave: Yeah, it was insane. We started the writing process so early, we ended up narrowing it down to about 12, our producer came in and said “every one of them sucked” and looking back on it they really did. We weren’t really pushing the envelope, we were kind of re-making our previous record. We went back to the drawing board and took a long time off and travelled around the country writing songs in Nashville, L.A, New Jersey, New York City, and Detroit , we divided up into groups. I was writing with Josh and Kyle and we just tried to write as many songs as we could. If they weren’t good we’d just get rid of it and write a new one.

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