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Levi: You have got a new album out, it is called Feel of Misery. I am guessing there is not too many happy songs on this album. Can you tell us a bit about the recording and how it went during this album?

Aaron: Yeah, I think the title does give away the content somewhat. If your band name is My Dying Bride, then you know it is not going to be pop music. We started writing it a couple years ago actually. We really took our time making sure that the songs were absolutely bang on. We never spent this long doing a record before. As it was going to be released on our 25 anniversary, we thought it better be special. We took our time on it. We recorded it at Academy Studio, a studio we haven't used from quite some time, but it was nice to go back there and see some old familiar faces. The recording process was relatively smooth. Unfortunately, there is no amusing anecdote to take from the recording process. When you are there, time is money, you have got to get the job done and you don't mess around. I think we started recording in October last year. It was on and off, we had a very relaxed attitude to the recording, rather than go in and blitz the thing constantly. We went in weekends and evenings and really took our time doing it. Finished recording in February, I think.

It comes out in two days time. We are all very excited about that, and looking forward to it. We haven't seen it in it's complete form. We have seen the art work on emails, and we have seen bits of music here, there and layout PDFs and all the rest, we haven't seen the full package, I am really looking forward to getting my hands on some of it.

Levi: Yeah. That is what I really love about you guys, is you always put it a lot of effort with your vinyl releases. I have got a couple of your albums down on vinyl. Hopefully I'll get the rest of the collection eventually.

Aaron: I think this one is coming out on 2X10 inch vinyls, I am not sure why it is coming out on 2X10 inches. I don't think that is a special edition and it is coming out on normal vinyl too, but I have certainly seen 2X10 inches, which is quite interesting.

Levi You do like vinyl or are you more of a CD person?

Aaron: More CD's now, but when I was younger I loved vinyl, even when CD's were still out because I love picture disc's and collectors items, things that had quirky things about the packaging. I loved all that stuff. Things that weren't pressed properly, the wrong songs on the wrong side, all that sort of stuff, I loved it all.

Levi: I was just reading a bit on Wikipedia, apparently one of the things you draw inspiration from is the Bible. Are you religious at all or you just like that style of writing?

Aaron: I am not religious, but I appreciate that there are a lot of people who are and they need some form of daety to help them get through life, if life is a struggle for them. That is absolutely fine. For me, it is just not my cup of tea, I just think the book is very interesting. It is complete rubbish of course, but it has some great lines in it, some great paragraphs and great characters. It is something that is pretty much world wide. It is just great to dip into now and again, there is loads of great stories. It is not just one story of course, there's hundreds and hundred's of different stories going on in there. It is nice to just dip into every now and again, see what is happening. You can find a small kernel of an idea, which suddenly expands in your own mind, into you own universe and becomes a new entity. It is nice to just dip into every now and again. I have got a real old one from 1880, it is all falling apart, it is huge. It looks great, it smells great and it is just nice to riffle through a bit.

Levi: It is even believed that Shakespeare was one of the translators for the King James version, so there is some definitely cool writing styles in the book if you are a fan of that.

Is there any other books or anything you are really appreciating at the moment or any albums that you are really digging?

Aaron: Album wise, not really. I keep going back to old school shit, I should really move on a bit. I still adore the first 3 Bathory albums, which is going back a long long time, early Metallica. I was in an age where I was easily influenced and easily impressed, so when I bought those early records, they really made an impact, it is hard to let them go. So I keep listening to that old school stuff, which is nice. Book wise, I am actually reading Robert Rankin; Knees up Mother Earth, which is a ridiculously stupid book. I read quite a lot of heavy stuff, it is just nice to grab a comedy book, which is just way out and ridiculous. It is just so light hearted and it makes you feel good having a giggle. I saw Interstellar quite recently, I thought that was a very good film and What We Do In The Shadows was a real laugh as well. I like black and white. I like the dark oppressive intense art form, but I balance it by going out and having ... going to comedy clubs and picking up funny books and stuff. I think if you got nice balance, then you are pretty much going to be okay.

Levi: Yeah, for sure. Do you find with My Dying Bride, that it is sort of therapeutic being able to channel that anger and whatnot into that music?

Aaron: Oh yeah definitely. For me, the band, it is almost like therapy. When I am feeling particularly low I can write and I can create either images or words and I know that sometimes they will have a purpose. They will end up on a My Dying Bride record or even a cover of My Dying Bride record. It is really quite cathartic to sit there in the middle of the night and empty your mind of these negative thoughts and put them somewhere, which is going to turn it into a positive creation. It makes me feel great afterwards. Once you have exercised the negativity from your soul, you feel wonderful. I think more people should do it, don't leave it bottled up in your head because that is going to be ... you are heading on a downward spiral doing that.

Levi: Yeah, for sure. Have you guys ever played in Australia before?

Aaron: We have never been down there unfortunately, I don't really know why. We are waiting ... We have been asking our promoter, I have asked him for years to try and get us some gigs down there. Although the fans seem to want us, it is always the venue owners, that they need to fill their venues and they obviously don't feel we are the kind of band who would be able to fill their venue's. It is rare for us to get an offer from down there. I think we have had a couple offers in the past, but there have been ... obviously the money is so non-existent we can barely get two band members down there for the fee. We are still working on it, we are never going to give up, we all want to go down there, it is just someone has got to do the math right and we will get down there. Fortunately the album is getting some great reviews, so hopefully some of the venue owners down there will think, "Right, well lets get them down there, the album seems to be selling well, lets see what happens if we fill the venue for them."

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