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God AKA Lemmy Kilmister

No words can really describe how important Lemmy Kilmister’s influence on Hard Rock and Heavy Metal was. The reason why millions of people looked up to Lemmy wasn’t just the fact that he was a killer bass player that fronted one of the greatest bands on earth. The reason he was so respected is that he represented everything everyone wants to be. Lemmy was 100% his own man, he didn’t bow down to nobody, he played by his own rules, he was the living embodiment of Rock n Roll, genuine to the core. He wrote and recorded 22 albums in his time as the Motörhead main man. Never was even one ‘shit song’ released in that time, he never sold out or compromised in the slightest.

Although I’m completely saddened by his loss, I know I shouldn’t be. Let’s face the facts Lemmy started out his career in rock n roll by dropping acid with Jimi Hendrix back in the 60’s and has been partying and playing sold out shows ever since. He lived life to the fullest and even in the last two or three years when his health was clearly taking a downturn he still came out and put on a show. He didn’t need the money he could have stayed home but he had the true warrior spirit that enabled him to fight on until the end. In my opinion there are only three people in Rock/Metal that can truly claim to have achieved ‘God Status’. Those three are Tony Iommi for his pioneering efforts in the ‘Heavy Metal sound’ and his commitment to Black Sabbath over the last 45 years. Ronnie James Dio for the countless contributions and the influences he brought to every legendary front man and lastly to Lemmy Kilmister for the influence the genuine realness and for the blood and sacrifice he poured into Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal!

Here are 11 songs that encompass the legend which is Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister:

#1 Ace of Spades

Think Motörhead and this is the first song that pops into your head! Representing everything they were about. “You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools, But that's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever”

#2 White Line Fever

From the very first self-titled album this song sums up everything the band was about, Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Got a problem with it? Then Fuck off!

“White Line Fever, yeah It's a slow death, It hasn't killed my yet”

#3 Metropolis

Because it fuckin rocks!

“Metropolis is something new, Ain't nobody got their eye on you, I don't care,I don't care”

4# Overkill

Showcasing the late Phil Tailor’s pioneering efforts on the double bass pedal, this song has become a live set staple since its very first debut…

5# Silver Machine (Hawkwind)

Before Motörhead, Lemmy was the bass player for the acid infused, space-rock band ‘Hawkwind’ here is one of the few songs he sang on…

#6 Mama I’m coming home

Written for Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘No More Tears’ album this song showcases Lemmy as a dynamic wordsmith

"Times have changed and times are strange

Here I come, but I ain't the same, Mama, I'm coming home"

#7 Run Rudolph Run

Originally written by Chuck Berry in 1958. It is no secret Lemmy’s main source of inspiration came from the first wave of 1950’s rockers. Safe to say he Billy Gibbons and Dave Grohl did this classic justice

#8 Whiplash

No Motörhead = No thrash metal. Metallica drew their main source of inspiration from Motörhead which is most obvious on their debut ‘Kill Em All’ album. Here is Lemmy covering a song which was inspired by himself (PS I love Metallica but it’s safe to say Motörhead own this song)

#9 Don’t Let Daddy Kiss Me

Showcasing Lemmys ability as a heartfelt songwriter, this song deals with the Issue of child abuse. Lemmy wasn’t afraid to raise awareness for any topic no matter how controversial

#10 Killed By Death

"If you squeeze my lizard I'll put my snake on you"

#10 Sympathy for the Devil

Taken from their latest album 'Bad Magic', Motörhead were truly brilliant to the very end. Doing Justice to this Rolling Stones classic…

RIP Lemmy!

You will be missed

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