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Q&A's with Guitar Shred Virtuoso XANDER DEMOS

I Had a listen to your stuff, brilliant guitar-work mate! Have you done any session work yet? I reckon with your skill you could land some pretty big gigs...

Hey there! Thank you so much for the kind words! I have done a little session work here and there but if it was up to me, I would do a ton of it. I love doing that kind of stuff!

I play guitar too, I feel like I've been putting in the hours and doing the right exercises but I don't seem to be able to hit the warp speed you're at... Got any secrets?

Speed is all a matter of pushing yourself with various techniques. For some people, a metronome is key. For others, it's a matter of playing the notes you hear in your head and working that sequence out little by little. You have to let your brain know what that syncopation is. So always play it slow and "perfect" then speed it up. Again, a metronome will help most people.

I also hear you work a day job like me? Does it frustrate the shit out of you having to that kind of stuff? I know it does for me...

Haha! Well, if I could do music and make the kind of money I make in my day job then yeah, I'd bail on my day gig. But, I love what I do for work because it opens up my creative side a lot!

For people wanting to check you out, can you tell us a bit about your style? where we can find your music?

My style is kind of a blend of the AOR greats like Boston, Night Ranger, Journey and Van Halen with hints of the Shrapnel era players like Racer X, Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore. I love soaring, melodic leads with a touch of "shred" to modernize them. You can find all of the info on me from www.xanderdemos.com as well as facebook.com/xanderdemosmusic.

We're based in Australia but we are actually looking at making it over to the States in 2016, if you're keen to show us around that'd be awesome. I'm more than happy to take some live photos. Have you had a chance to visit Australia at all?

I would be more than happy to meet up and show you around. Pittsburgh isn't THAT exciting but it's got some cool places to visit. As far as visiting Australia, I haven't done it....yet - but it's on my Bucket List and I WILL make it there soon. I MUST dive with Great White Sharks. I just have to...

Check out his tune Under A Darkened Sky

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