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INTERVIEW: Wednesday 13 (Murderdolls/Gunfire 76)

Levi: I'll Start off with a funny story. Actually, I did do an interview with you awhile ago, such awhile ago it was 2005. I was actually still in high school, so I did a community radio show and ended up having to skip a few classes to run to the radio station and record the interview. So there you go...

Wednesday 13: Nice, yeah.

Levi: I'm not sure if you remember it but I thought I had a really unique question but apparently you had already been asked it a few times. Since you're a fan of horror movies I asked if you'd follow the same direction as Rob Zombie and start making your own horror movies…

Wednesday 13: Yes. I would love to one day and I'm sure it's going to eventually happen. I just don't know if it’s gonna happen anytime soon. I'm still pretty busy doing music and stuff now but I think whenever I get ready to take a break from that, it will be what I do.

Levi: Yeah I'd love to see it man, I reckon you'd have some cool ideas brewing around in your head.

Wednesday 13: Yeah I could probably whip together a pretty stupid movie.

Levi: Would you star in it if you did do a movie or would you get actors?

Wednesday 13: No I have no desire to be in the movie, maybe I’d be an extra to get my head cut off…

Levi: Yeah for sure. You do have an upcoming tour. I was lucky enough to see your last tour, I think it

was about two years ago, but you're coming in April. Are you looking forward to coming back?

Wednesday 13: Oh absolutely, Australia is amazing for us and the fans there are rad and probably our best response anywhere in the world is Australia. I'm just really really...I was hoping we would come back in time on the cycle for this record. Luckily we were picked up and got three shows there in time. Yeah man we're really happy and stoked for it.

Levi: Yeah I imagine you'll be playing a lot of songs off Monsters of the Universe, I really dug that album. The Dixie Dead, that was a really cool album as well. What can we expect from the set-list?

Wednesday 13: That's good question. I really haven't put it together yet. There will be material from the new album for sure. As many records as I have there are so many songs that we have to play so it's kinda difficult making a set-list. It's a mad project for some reason trying to pick the right songs and not pissing people off. It'll be a good set, this tour and this album has a heavier sound and darker stage show. The sound is still Wednesday 13 and it’s going to be a darker animal this time.

Levi: You don't really consider Wednesday 13 to be a solo project do you? It's more of a band because last time I saw you, you didn't play any of Murderdolls songs or anything like that, so I assume it’s more of a band just under your name?

Wednesday 13: When I dropped doing Murderdolls I was like 'alright what am I going to do? Start a new band?' And I thought if I give it a band name I'm gonna get this lineup and I know in ten years from now there's going to be one dude left, it's probably going to be me and it won't even be the same band then. So I'm just going to call it Wednesday 13 and I'll just fucking avoid that problem from the start. And I was right because I had about 25 band members before the guys I have now. But you've seen the live show, so it functions as a band, it's not just all spotlight all me. We work as a band and these guys I've had playing with me now for almost 5 years. We have a new drummer now, our old drummer left to join another band. We have a new drummer since last time you saw us so that's the only thing that we've changed. But yeah with the addition of him to the band it's really brought a whole new level to what we do as well. All good, positive things.

Levi: Yeah, for sure. Was there ever a decision not to play Murderdolls songs? Is that something that came up in band rehearsal?

Wednesday 13: It's one of those things where I'm on my 6th solo album, I have 2 Murderdolls albums, it's so hard to pick a song out here and there. I think last time I came back through there it was right at the end of Murderdolls. I try to keep the stuff fresh , I don't want it to be a thing where people come to see me just hear Murderdolls songs. I don't think that's the case, I think people do want to hear some other songs and I try to include that. Like last year I'm trying to remember our set-list its such blur to me right now, but I know we played a couple of Murderdolls songs here and there. So over the year during the sets we'll break a song out here and there but I never want it to be every other song is a Murderdolls song because that wasn't what I wanted to do.

Levi: I remember when you first came out with Transylvania 90210 and Murderdolls was just so big at the time and I remember saying to people, "Oh you love Murderdolls, he's got a solo project album out now and it's really good you should check it out." And a lot of people didn't know about it and then I heard that Roadrunner dropped your solo project, or the band. Do you think that they promoted it well? It didn’t seem to do quite as well as Murderdolls did, and I thought the quality of the album was just as good.

Wednesday 13: I was really proud of that record, even getting a solo album out on Roadrunner was a shock to me. No, I don't think it was promoted that well. I don't know if it was just at the time of what was going on. Being on a label is a really weird thing. I've been on that label 3 times with the first Murderdolls, that release, and the last Murderdolls. I can see when they promote stuff and I can see when they don't promote stuff. I've seen the same thing happen with other bands. I think that for what I did I think they just put it out because someone else was going to put it out. I think I got just enough promotion for what they needed to do. For me that was good, I don't blame anybody or anything like that, just things happen and things don't. I've been able to keep a steady solo career for over 10 years now. People know my show isn't a Murderdolls thing.

Levi: You actually started out your career in 1994 and you're called Maniac Spider Trash. You're not that old now, how old were you when you started out, you must have been a teenager?

Wednesday 13: Yeah and it was even before that, that was only when we put out our first demo. We've been a band before that for a year. I started playing when I was 15 years old with those guys and formed Maniac Spider Trash and that whole thing. So that's right when I was 15 and I will be 40 this August. I've been beating this drum for awhile.

Levi: Do you remember what those first shows were like? Is there is footage on YouTube?

Wednesday 13: There's a couple shows of me and Spider Trash on YouTube but those weren't like the first shows. There were shows a couple years before that, that hopefully won't ever get on YouTube because they're horrible. Yeah, just like any first show, I don't know what people expect, and you know my very first show was in my high school in front of about 20 people after school playing. And the next show was at a party in front of like 10 people. It was a bunch of underage drinkers and pop stuff. So that was my first couple of shows. And then playing the local club circuit in front of 5 and 10 people. I've been at this for a long time, it’s all I know. I love it, it's my job and I love my job.

Levi: Do you ever think about what you might be doing if it didn't work out for you?

Wednesday 13: I've thought about that question, I would probably work for a band or something. I never let that happen. In a way it kinda didn't work out for me a lot of times, but people get dropped from a label you go "well that didn't work out for you" and stop. Well I didn't. Yeah it didn't work out for me but I just never said no. Maybe one day it will work out for me.

Levi: Some of the sad news that happened recently was the death of Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie. Just wondering, did you get a chance to meet Lemmy or were you a big fan of David Bowie?

Wednesday 13: Huge, huge fan of David Bowie. Ziggy Stardust album is in my top 5 favourite albums of all time. I named my daughter Zoe Star, based on Ziggy Stardust. Huge, huge influence on me. That guy was the innovator of reinventing himself, musical chameleon and I really admire that for what I do because I feel like I definitely follow in his footsteps. I love how he constantly changed his theme, never played by the rules, that's amazing.

And Lemmy is just fucking just... he is the epitome of rock-n-roll. He is the poster boy. I ran into Lemmy, I couldn't tell you how many times here at The Rainbow her in LA. Here in the bathroom just bumping into him, "oh sorry Lemmy, oh sorry." Every time in the LA I've seen Lemmy. I've played in Japan, a place called BC back when it all first started out in 2002. We played there with Slayer and Motorhead, so I got to see them live several times and at festivals over the years.

Yeah it’s tough to see some of those fucking rock gods go down but that's the way it is. Time is ticking out and I'm turning 40 soon…

Levi: Oh well look at Alice Cooper, he's almost 70 and still going for it so I think you got a few years left in you.

Wednesday 13: Alice Cooper is super unstoppable. I think he died a long time ago. I think he's a fucking robot.

Levi: Did you tour with Alice in the past?

Wednesday 13: Yeah I toured with Alice with Planet 13 and Murderdolls as well. Alice is a good friend and supporter of Wednesday 13 and Murderdolls.

Levi: Have you ever played golf with him?

Wednesday 13: No. I don't want to embarrass myself. He's really good.

Levi: Any chance of Murderdolls reunion in the future? Do you still get along with Joey Jordison?

Wednesday 13: There's no secret I've told everybody. Last show we did was 5 years ago in April this year and we played and that was the last time that any of us spoke to him. That's what happened and we stopped communication even further away. So there's nothing going on at all.

Levi: Would like to be friends again or anything like that?

Wednesday 13: I don't know. Honestly when the second album happened I said for years it’s never going to happen and it did. So to say that another wouldn't ever happen would be silly but at the moment there is nothing at all, not even a rumble. I always tell people when I hear “what's the current status of Murderdolls?” I say watch the “Nowhere” video, the last video that we put out and the video we're in a car and we fall off a cliff. That's a good indication of where we are. Die we die? Was there an explosion? we don't know.

Levi: Never say never.

Wednesday 13: Never say never. Murderdolls is the reason I have a career, it put me on the map. I'm proud of it. It’s not a bad collection to have.

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