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INTERVIEW: Joey Belladonna (ANTHRAX)

Recording the new album 'For All Kings'?

Joey: It's kind of the same, really. We went and do the drums. We did eight drum tracks in one shot and then we do the guitars and the bass and finish that and then I go in and sing a little bit to those, and then do another batch of eight. We don't do them all at once, you know. We kind of take them in parts, so you're just no so crammed and we get a little chance to sit back and take a minute with it. With vocals, it's the same idea, go in the studio with the producer, Jay, and we just had a nice evening each night doing a song and it's very easy to do it because there's no one around and it's nice and peaceful and it's very great, open for interpretation.

I feel it is a lot more adventurous for me to go in there with no one in there because I can at least try to do stuff that I wouldn't ... I feel comfortable trying on my own without anybody going, "Oh, where are you going with that?" Then it's not going to be good. You get that kind of feel and I like to have a little chance to try things without really having someone stop you in the middle of it, where you didn't even get a chance to even do it and go, "Fuck, that was really good. I didn't realize that that would have been great to do," you know?

Plans for an Australian tour?

Joey: Well, you know, there's talk about eventually going there. It's just the matter of who's going to put on an event that we would participate in. Right now, you hear possibilities but nothing specific. That's a long trip, too, so it certainly would have to be something that we're going to take on as a full run. I would hope there's more demand for us there for something. I know we've done tours there, like clubs, mini theater whatever. Those would be fine with me too. It doesn't even have to be a festival but, I guess ... I don't know. We'll wait and see, I guess. We've got Maiden coming up, South America. We got all our European outdoor festivals coming up and we've got some one-offs in the states in April and May and then May through July and August is all Europe. That will be quite a bit of stuff going on until then, so we wouldn't definitely be over there any time before that.

Thoughts on the U.S elections?

Joey: No. I'm letting it roll. It's just so hard, man. I'm confused at some points and I don't really know what anybody is going to do. You know what, once they get in, it's up to them and who knows if they're even going to be able to do something they say they're going to do in the first place. You know, we got Obama. He had to go in there and he had to fix stuff and he tried and he did some good stuff, but then yet, still unfinished, right? I don't know. It's up for grabs, man. It's very entertaining. That's for sure. it may even get more entertaining.

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