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Excited about your return to Australia?

Yeah it’s pretty cool, we ended the last album cycle in Australia for ‘Vengeance Falls’. It’s the first headlining tour we’ve done in Australia for quite a while. We had a blast coming down to Australia playing 30 minutes on Soundwave, but it’s kind of a bummer because you travel all that way and you want to play longer for the fans. After the last headlining tour we had so much fun being down there and being able to play more songs for the people.

Your new drummer Paul Wandtke?

When Mike Mangini (Dream Theater) was teaching at Berkley College for music, Paul was one of his students that was there. We had been looking for drummers for a while, talking to a bunch of people and none of those situations worked out. We didn’t really know who to go to, we didn’t have any idea of drummers. We decided to hit Dream Theater up because they’re some of the best musicians we know personally. He (Mike Mangini) recommended Paul and we did some audition stuff and met him and it’s been working out great, he’s a phenomenal drummer and knows our songs drum-wise and in the live setting the songs have never sounded better.

About the ‘Ember to Inferno’ re-release?

That’s kind of Matt’s thing, Paolo and I didn’t come till after. But I know he had some new art work made for it, it’s just kind of a waiting game right now. We’ve just started promoting ‘Silence in the Snow’ and we want the focus to be on that record. Once things start to die down and we start looking to work on the next record there might be a gap for a re-release. It’s just finding the right label and the right place for the record label to call home. I know it’s something people have been asking for, so hopefully it will in the next year or two.

What can we expect from the set-list?

This tour we’re playing right now we are playing; 3 songs from ‘Ascendency’, 2 songs from ‘The Crusade’, 3 songs from ‘Shogun’, a couple off ‘In Waves’… at least 1 song from every album but ‘Ember to Inferno’. Since we’ve had our drummer for only a couple of months we’re still getting up to speed for songs to put on the set-list. We gave him a few ‘Ember’ songs to learn, we’ve just gotta make the time to practice them. There’s a lot of songs in our set that we haven’t played in years and we’ve got more songs for him to learn that we haven’t really ever played live before.

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