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INTERVIEW: Tim Wheeler (ASH)

On meeting and sharing the stage with David Bowie

We did a tour with him in 2002 or 2003, along with Moby. It was a touring festival that Moby put together, Bowie was like a special guest on the tour. I got to meet him a couple of times, he was really great and was amazing watching him perform live every day. Yeah, he was pretty down-to-earth considering what a superstar he is. I remember he was trying to give us cigarettes and that sort of made him seem quite human. Charrotte Hatherley our guitarist was one of the biggest Bowie fans, he was really nice to her, so yeah he was cool.

One of the best tours we were ever on was like quite a while before that in 1996, we played somewhere in East Germany. The line-up was Iggy Pop, us and David Bowie. We were like only 19 years old, we couldn’t believe it. We had to play straight after Iggy Pop, we were sort of the band playing while they were setting up the sound. We did a pretty good job, it was our first time playing in the Eastern side of Germany

Listen to the full interview here & Don’t forget ASH are touring AUS this month, See dates below.

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