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On returning to Australia in June

I’m definitely looking forward to it, Australia is one of the favourite countries that this band really loves to travel and play. The culture, the vibe, the people, going to the beautiful beaches, trying to avoid sharks. We love it there.

As far as the songs, what you can expect is definitely expect a collection of all the best Fear Factory songs from all of our records. We have such a big catalogue, it’s hard to pick all the songs. There might be one or two songs left out that people might be a little bummed about, but we try to pick as many songs as we possibly can and cram it into the timeslot that we get. We are also showcasing songs off of our new album ‘Genexus’.

Reflecting on the Roadrunner United project

I would love to do something like that again because it was so much fun. It took about a year to make that whole record, everyone had different schedules. So you had to work around it. But when we did get together it was so much fun, there was so much creativity going on in the studio. It was amazing, sometimes I wish it was a band. It did very well, the first single was called ‘The End’, I was lucky because the label chose it to be the single. It was so much fun and I wish I could do something like that again.

On the US presidential elections

The closest thing I like is Bernie Sanders. But we have a kook running for president, Donald Trump. If Donald Trump actually gets elected I’m moving to Australia. If he’s elected president we are going to have a lot of issues in America. He’s already getting death threats, I don’t know if you know that? They arrested some guy who sent him a death threat on Facebook like an idiot.

Who knows what going to happen? He doesn’t like Muslims, he doesn’t like Mexicans, and he doesn’t like the foreigners. It’s just going to cause a war, it’s going to cause a lot of tension between Americans and other parts of the country. He is definitely going to get death threats, someone’s going to try assassinate him here. I’m surprised that was the first one that come out, there might be a bunch of other ones already that we don’t know about yet.

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