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INTERVIEW: Chris Henderson (3 Doors Down)

Can you tell us about your new album ‘Us and the Night’?

The album is kind of a cross between our first record (The Better Life) and our last record (Time of My Life), I think it’s a mix of all of em’ together. We’ve had a lot of fun making it, it’s got some really good Rock n Roll songs on it, a couple of 3 Doors Down songs that I think people are going to love and some good ballads on it as well, so I think it’s a pretty well rounded record.

Are you still as musically inspired as you were 10 years ago?

Yeah, I think even more so now. We did a Greatest Hits records and that was kind of like drawing a line in the sand if you will. Which it starts from there, you know it’s like this is the greatest hits up to this point, let’s see if we can write another chapter”. That’s a challenge. Writing music is not easy, it’s difficult, if it were easy then everybody would have a record. It’s hard, but we continue to try and try as hard as we can. We try to have as much fun as possible, cuz if it ain’t fun then it ain’t worth it.

The new album ‘Us and the Night’ is out now! Check out the first single ‘In The Dark’

Wanna here the full chat? Click the YouTube link below…

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