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On the new album XI and reconnecting with Mike Howe after 20 years...

Kurdt: Everything is just going better than we could have ever hoped. The response to the album has been phenomenal, the vibe in the band is great, we just did our first 'little' two week run. Just got back from that on Sunday and it just went better than we could've hoped. It feels like it's 1983 again!

We actually charted on the billboards for the first time, it's just crazy! I can't believe it.

When did you first begin as a musician?

I started playing drums when I was about 5. It was about months after The Beatles on Ed Sullivan... I've never looked back since. I played drums til I was about 12, then I started playing bass til I was about 14, then I picked up guitar.

Who played Thrash-Metal first? Metal Church or Metallica?

Hard to say, Metallica didn't exist when I first started putting Metal Church together. Lars [Ulrich] used to stop by San Francisco to visit friends and that's where I met him, I've known Lars longer than he's know James [Hetfield]. So... I don't know it's hard to say we were all on the same page. We were all trying to do the same thing and we were all trying to go in the same direction. He had to go to L.A to live with his dad so that's why we never played together or anything., but we did become friends.

I absolutely think we were just on the same page mentally, there's a lot of people who were, we all the same and age and liked the same types of music. The stuff we grew up with was the early 70's Rock and all that type of stuff. Then the Punk influence started. It was just a "thing", we didn't discuss it, it was just a weird natural progression for all of us. Nobody did it last or second, we weren't competing with each other it was just kind of the 'pervasive mentality'.

Lars was just a friend, we'd party at the apartment that I had which is where the name Metal Church came from...

Listen to the full interview below...

Check out their new track "Killing Your Time! For you old schoolers the CD and VINYL can be ordered here: http://amzn.to/1WLM4HS

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