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About the upcoming tour of Australia in June...

Burton: It's always a pleasure to get down there and play for our Australian friends and reconnect with people we haven't seen in awhile. We've been going to Australia for 22 years now, we've seen a lot change, we've seen our fans grow up, we see new fans, we see a lot of change in the country but it's still a wonderful place and we love going there.

Did FEAR FACTORY's 'non-payment' for their performance at SOUNDWAVE 2014 get resolved?

Burton: It wasn't confusion, it was the owner [ AJ MADDAH ] ripping everyone off. And 'no', none of the bands ever got paid. The best thing that could happen is that man goes to jail. He deserves to go to jail for ripping so many people off. Not just bands from 'out of the country' but local bands as well, he ripped off local contractors also. He deserves to go to jail.

It was a hardship, you know. We needed that money to survive until the record came out and when that didn't happen, my family suffered because of it. He should just hope that he never comes across me, ever.

Fear Factory are a popular band but we're not wealthy, we're a hardworking band. We survive by doing what we do. Sometimes we struggle, we are very rarely comfortable.

Thoughts on Bernie Sanders and whether 'Socialism' is necessary for humans entering the age of robotics and the decreasing need for human workers...

Burton: That's already begun. People are worried about the Government taking away their jobs but they need to worry about technology and they need to worry about big companies doing away with employees and just making machines that will just 'do the jobs' and not be paid and not have to pay insurance. Those days are coming, we're on the verge of it happening now.

Socialist or not... He [Bernie Sanders] isn't even a real socialist, but he's gotten that moniker because it's "the evil word". People keep saying "arh if Bernie or Hillary [Clinton] become president I'm moving to Canada", like really? You're going to move to a Socialist country? "You stupid fuck!"

People have no idea, you know, I don't want to start with all that political stuff but people need to understand that corporations with unlimited amounts of money will phase out the human workforce. That's going to happen and it's happening now!

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