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Can you tell us about the overall sound and idea’s for your album Svartnad?

Pete Flesh: The purpose with The Pete Flesh Deathtrip will always be my own thoughts and experiences sorrowing death, angst and the philosophical/mental/physical existence. Maybe really nothing special or unique within this kind of music, but those subjects always come the most natural for me as they are within the spectrum of things that I struggle with the most. Sometimes they are personal and sometimes written from a point of view from someone else perspective. Either case, I try to go really deep with every expression. The sounds this time, compared to the debut ”Mortui Vivos Docent”, got a bigger/better sound in general (depending on your taste) this time. There are more layers of different stuff as well, simply to get a more atmospheric touch. I really like the contrast between the debut and ”Svartnad”. It makes them both more legit, but in different ways.

Where did the name ‘The Pete Flesh Deathtrip’ come from? Is this a solo project or a full band effort?

Pete Flesh: To make it short. It was first just called FLESH, but due to an American band with the same name and the fact that I at this time was putting down one other band and one other project I was in, DECEIVER and THROWN, I wanted to create something more personal and feel totally creatively free. I have been called Pete Flesh for many years as a nick name, so I used it within a frame that would make it more unique and personal. No, this will never be a full band effort, that would put away the purpose of The Pete Flesh Deathtrip. But I will always include a guest here and there to make it more ”wider”. But I hope that I soon have a full live line-up to present.

What are your top 5 most influential albums?

Pete Flesh: BATHORY ”Blood Fire Death", CANDLEMASS ”Nightfall", CELTIC FROST ”To Mega Therion", KING DIAMOND ”Abigail”, MORBID ANGEL ”Altars of Madness”. Another day I maybe would have a included an album from old ALICE COOPER, PINK FLOYD, DISMEMBER, MAYHEM, THE CURE, WARNING, "old" METALLICA, MASTODON, NEUROSIS, BLACK SABBATH etc. instead of one of the mentioned.

What have been some of your favourite shows you have played? Have you had the chance to open up for any of your metal heroes yet?

Pete Flesh: I guess that I have to mention some shows with older bands that I played in. With MAZE OF TORMENT we played with DISSECTION in ´95. That show will always be stuck in my head. One time with the same band and one time with DECEIVER we played at Inferno Festival with SADUS and CANDLEMASS, that felt a bit unreal for me to drink beer, talk and hang out. Those two bands have meant a lot to me. These shows are the ones that came up first in my mind.

I have seen that you are a big fan of Ingmar Bergman the film director. I haven’t seen any of his work but it looks great. What do you like about him?

I liked his movies already as a kid. When other kids watched horror/splatter movies I was stuck in the black/white movies world and directors like Ingmar Bergman etc. I can´t really explain why. I just got lost in the landscapes and the different subjects. And in many ways I could of course relate to the topics. I am the same way today, I just get lost in thought with all kind of abstract art.

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