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Review: X50 Green Tea

The good people at X50 Green Tea were nice enough to send me out a goodie bag full of their health products to sample and try out. As someone who tries steer clear of 'junk food' and mantain a reasonably active lifestyle their products certainly appealed to me and I was curious to know whether they'd taste alright and have 'real benefits?'.

After having used their products for over two weeks now I can certainly say i've seen and felt the benefits of X50's health product range. Check out my detailed thoughts on each product below. I've included links below for people that wanna try it out for themselves.

X50 Skinny Protein (Chocolate Flavour): As someone who is just getting back into working out after recovering from a shoulder injury this Protein powder is perfect for me. I’ve been using it as a pre-workout supplement and already I’ve noticed an increase in stamina and muscle recovery time. After gaining around 7kg whist I was injured I wanted a low fat supplement to assist with weight loss and muscle recovery. I find the ‘Green Tea Extract’ and ‘L-Carntine’ to be greatly beneficial with what I want from my workouts and the taste is pretty decent too. Personally I like to blend it with a frozen banana and coconut milk but it also goes well shaken with iced water.

X50 Broccoli Chips: Okay, initially I was a bit sceptical about this one. I normally think of broccoli as the gross thing I’d have to eat as a kid in order to get dessert, but honestly these are pretty damn tasty. The texture was dry and crunchy and rock salt flavour gave it a pleasant savoury taste. Personally I’d prefer these now over regular potato chips and considering there’s no cholesterol, trans-fats, gluten or GMO’s then this in my books is the perfect option for on-the-go snack food.

X50 Green Tea Energy Drink: One serve contains the same amount of antioxidants

found in 20 cups of green tea! Used for detoxing, burning fat and boosting the metabolism, after a week of drinking 2 cups a day I can say that my mood and general feeling of wellbeing has increased. As a regular green tea drinker the original flavour appealed to me the most, however the other flavours especially tropical and mango tasted great too.

X50 Energy Drink (Raspberry Flavour): One problem I find when going out for lunch is it’s very hard to find cold beverages that aren’t pumped full of sugar. Besides water and coconut water (if you’re lucky) the options are pretty limited. X50’s Energy Drink really appeals to me as a guilt free beverage that’s low in sugar and free from aspartame. The energy kick you get far exceeds the taurine/sugar rush you get from most conventional energy drinks. The flavour is great! The raspberry taste is subtle and it’s not overpoweringly sweet. I’d recommend this for anyone that wants a cold refreshing beverage on a hot day without the sugar and chemicals you get from most canned drinks.

If you'd like to give em' a go for yourself you can order Check em out here greenteax50.com.au or click the piture below!


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