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Levi: Can you tell us about the new album 'The Evil Divide", I noticed the moth on the cover looks similar to the one from 'The Silence of the Lambs' was that film an inspiration at all?

Rob: No, that's completely coincidental that it has anything to do with 'The Silence of the Lambs' because they use that kind of a death moth in that movie. It's just one of those weird things when we were coming up with ideas rolling with it, it didn't dawn on anyone involved that it had anything to do with 'The Silence of the Lambs', then when it came a few people mentioned it here and there and I was like "oh shit!". I'm just glad that it's a movie that I actually love and book and a story I love, one of my favorites actually. So that's a lot better then it being connected to something that I though was total shit, then I would have been bummed out that it was connected to that. It's a fortunate coincidence but it's nowhere near where we were going with that.

Levi: Is there a theme or a particular topic?

Rob: There's a lot of deep concepts and tying in double meanings of things, the more that you would hear the album and hear the lyrics and connect all the concepts and the art and everything then hopefully you will be able to get into it and get where we are coming from.

All the songs on the album conceptually where the emotion is coming from is all connected in some way, shape or form with different angles and points of views of all this 'evil division' which is happening left and right in our world and in humanity in our current day and age.

Levi: Things do look bleak at the moment. Are you optimistic about the future? Do you think Bernie Sanders or other politicians could turn things around?

Rob: Well. we will have to see, one thing for sure is everyone is on edge and there's a lot of negativity happening because of the way things are happening. Our point of view from the way we're writing and expressing and touching into these very sensitive subjects is with a point of view of hope and optimism. We're certainly not saying these things and complaining and trying to paint a dismal picture that everything is just going to be fucked. We definitely have hope and we're trying to send an optimistic vibe and hopefully people will get pumped up and it will lead them into making good decisions and doing the right thing.

Levi: it will probably never happen, but do you think that if all the problems in the world were solved, do you think that would make it harder to write Thrash-Metal?

Rob: That's a cool question. Oddly enough, yes it would. It absolutely would. At Least from our point of view, I mean different people write about different things, but metal is definitely touching on the dark side and the aggression and the angst and frustration and things like that. For me really it was like playing the blues. It's a heavy version of the blues, more so much sound-wise but emotionally from where it's coming from. We're venting out these things into music and you know, as a performer you're venting out and as a listener you are venting as you're receiving and giving and it's kind of like a collective release and you sort of feel better after that and you get it gets something out of you in a sort of constructive and positive manner. So that's where we come from and why we're making music and there's no way in a completely "happy-go-lucky" problem free world and reality that you would be able to write the blues or i guess thrash-metal, the proper way at least. It would and up being something really weird

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"The Evil Divide" is out now!

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