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INTERVIEW: John Myung (Dream Theater/The Jelly Jam)

Levi: Can you tell us about the new album 'Profit' by The Jelly Jam?

John: It's an album that's been in the works for the last few years. I think it could be the best album we've done together out of the four Jelly Jam albums. That's definitely how we feel as a band about it. We're really proud of it and think it's a great accomplishment. We hope people will eventually find out about it and like it and think positively about it.

Levi: Was it hard to find time out Dream Theater to record this album, I know you guys only just finished 'The Astonishing'?

John: This wasn't done at the same time.This was done probably a year earlier. Then it takes time for Ty [Tabor] to connect with it on a lyrical level, which takes awhile sometimes. Then there was no time whilst doing 'The Astonishing' to do anything else in that period. The way they are being released now may make it seem that way, but that wasn't the case.

Levi: How much material can we expect to hear from 'The Astonishing' on the the albums tour cycle?

John: Well, it's going to be a great evening, We're using the entire album. The complete album from beginning to end. We think that the role of this album is very driven by the fact that it is a concept record, so to kinda play songs that are out of context from it would make it loose its impact and delivery. and because it is such a long album we will be focusing on this album only.

The Jelly Jam is a progressive rock trio super group, consisting of King's X-member Ty Tabor on guitar and vocals, Winger & Dixie Dregs-member Rod Morgenstein on drums, and Dream Theater-member John Myung on bass guitar.

The new album 'Profit' is out now! Check out the single 'Care'!

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