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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Witches of Doom

Witches of Doom are a goth-stoner-doom band born in Rome in January 2013. They started their own musical project in order to play a personalised mix of Gothic Hard Rock. Here's a quick chat I had with guitarist Federico Venditti about their new album 'Deadlights'.

Levi: Really dig the songs I’ve heard from your new album “Deadlights”, sounds like you’ve got a lot of different influences, I hear everything from Guns n Roses to Rob Zombie in your sound. Can you tell us who your influences are and a bit about your album for people that haven’t heard it yet?

Federico: Hi, and thanks for your time. Deadlights is our second album since 2013. Our influences span from Classic Hard rock bands like Guns n Roses to Motley Crue to new Wave acts like Sisters of Mercy and The Cult to more modern sounding bands such as Rob Zombie and Rammstein. So yes there's a lot going on.

Levi: You’re from Rome, the only other metal band I can think of from Italy is Lacuna Coil. Would you say Italy has a strong metal scene? What other Italian bands would you recommend people check out?

Federico: In Italy there are many underground bands worthwhile. To name a few I'd highly recommend Fleshgod Apocalypse, Necrodeath and also our friends Funeral Mantra and Shores of Null. Italy has a strong metal scene, the real issue is the club circuit, due to the crisis the venues are less and less

Levi: What have been some of your highlights as a band? I.E favourite concert, metal/rock heroes you’ve had the chance to play alongside?

Federico: Recently we've been supporting a French band called Lizzard and last summer we opened for Venom. Then our collaboration with Paul Bento [ex Type o Negative] on our take of U2's - 'New Years day'

Levi: You only formed in 2013, how did you meet? Is this your first band?

Federico: No, we've been playing in other bands for years, then we decided to form a new band with all these different influences. It Was an accident of birth, then it just snowballed from there

Levi: In Australia it is almost impossible make a living from heavy music, even the bands that are successful are far from rich. I’ve often considered moving to Europe just because it seems more supportive of the genre. From your experiences would you say it is a struggle to support yourself as a musician?

Federico: In Europe it's just like that.Very few bands make a living out of it, especially in recent years due to the crisis the whole scene has just collapsed. So you're better off in Australia mate, I suppose.

Check out the single 'Lizard Tongue' from the brand new album 'Deadlights'

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