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About the new album 'Lady in Gold'

Dorian: For 'Lady in Gold' it was a bit different, from the first record. The first record we basically had all of the songs written, then we just went in and kind of made some small changes and recorded but with 'Lady in Gold' we kind of just had ideas and we knew that we were going to have more Soul influences. We had a bit of a direction in our minds but only a few song ideas and nothing really rehearsed so much, just small ideas here and there. So we basically got together in the studio and made the songs together. We were lucky enough to write the songs with the producer [Don Alsterberg] there and he would give his opinion and everything. So we would record then listen back so we could hear and feel what the song was lacking. We just kept on doing that, that was kind of our process, we would do that for a few weeks then go on tour, then go back to the studio. It was on and off for about a year and a half until we had ten songs finished and it felt like a record.

Recording music on analogue, Reel to Reel tape

Dorian: It is uncommon but a lot of people still do it. Some people record on tape then mix on Pro Tools so they can can still edit and do stuff, so they have the advantages of both worlds. But we do it 100% analogue, so the music does not go on a computer until it goes on Spotify and iTunes basically. Which is the way we like to do it and the way and the way our producer Don does it most of the time, if he is producing then that's the way he does it. It is kind of a different way of working because you really have to listen and say "okay, was that a good take?" you can't really see everything so you just have to focus on your ears. We were kind of joking with our producer and he said "it's kind of cheating when you record on tape". We just have an old drum kit and a couple of old amps and we basically put a couple of microphones down and play and it comes out the way we want it to sound.

Favorite bands and albums that are influencing you at the moment?

Dorian: That's a hard question to answer because we all go through phases of musical interests but I'm going to try to pick some that also relate to my Blues-Rock guitar groove. I don't really listen to much guitar based stuff anymore, i'm more into folk, just good songs basically. That's what I'm after more nowadays rather than just a guitar solo or something. I would say ZZ Top's first record [ZZ Top's First Album], that's really what got me into playing guitar. A good record I think of under Blues-Rock is Captain Beyond, their first album from 1972 [Captain Beyond - Self-Titled], it's a bit more Prog, 70's Blues-Rock. [Atomic Rooster - In Hearing of] another great Blues-Rock record. Another record i really like is [Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece] from 1974, that's one a can really listen to the whole thing and just relax listening to it. I like a lot of the 60's stuff when people sung more of the folky stuff in different countries. There's this French guy called Michel Polnareff, his first album 'Love Me, Please Love Me' the title is actually in English but most of the songs are actually sung in French. [Michel Polnareff - Love Me, Please Love Me]. Also the first Swedish more folkish stuff, [Mikael Ramel - Till Dej] It's all sung in Swedish, it's very psychedelic with lots of stuff happening on the guitar, I like that one. I like how Swedish sounds when it is being sung.

Blues Pills are a Swedish rock band, formed in Örebro in 2011. The four piece released EPs and singles before signing up with German record label Nuclear Blast and releasing a successful self-titled debut album Blues Pills. The band will release their second album Lady In Gold in August 2016.

Check out the music video for 'Lady in Gold'

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