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Levi: Are you exciting about coming back to Australia?

CJ: It's been 14 years... It's been way too long! We are definitely long overdue for a good time in Australia.

Levi: Any chance you will bring John Hetlinger along with you? [82-year-old rocker who performed their hit song 'Bodies' on 'America's Got Talent']

CJ: We'd love to bring John along with us, we just had an awesome time this past week with John. He did some shows with us at one called Chicago Open Air Festival, it was amazing, it was a crazy line-up. We are playing another show with John this Saturday as well. He was great, he's a super nice guy. He's full of positive energy, he's got lots of stories from the Navy, he's a character and a half, I'm glad we got to hang out with him we made a new best friend.

Levi: What makes an 82 year old want to go on national T.V and cover a heavy song like 'Bodies'?

CJ: He was in the Navy, he's retired now and for fun he likes to go out and do karaoke, I guess one night when he was out someone asked him to do 'Bodies' and he did it and everybody went nuts a couple of years ago. That kind of became his thing, he does a lot of stuff though, he kept joking about Frank Sinatra and things like that. John's got a cool voice, he has his own thing going on, he's just living life and enjoying life. I'm glad we had the opportunity to hook up with him and I'm glad he came out for the shows, we had a lot of fun and he had a lot of fun, everybody was having a good time, the crowd loved it. We'd love to do more stuff with him, there's a right place and a right time for everything. He is entertaining man... entertaining to say the least.

Levi: It has been four years since Jason Moreno joined the band, have fans been accepting of him so far?

CJ: It's been killer man. I've been guilty of it myself, as a fan of music, when some of my favorite bands have changed singers I've stepped back a bit like "who is this guy?". Jason you know he puts 110% in, he's the perfect guy, we needed to make those switches to get the right guy for this band. We're having fun again, that's what it's all about. He's a great dude he does every song from every record out of respect to the Drowning Pool fans, so we can do any song at any given time. It's been fun with our setlists, it changes constantly, sometimes even on stage we just throw out a song off the cuff, it's great we can do that with Jason.

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