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Levi: Last time I saw you guys play was Gigantour back in 2008, how different are the shows now compared to the shows back then?

Andrea: I would say obviously we're more experienced, but also we do have a new line up for the live shows since then, because we've been changing a few band members. They've been retiring from the band and so we now have Ryan Folden, a drummer which has also recorded his first record with us, the latest one, Delirium. Then we have a new guitar player called Diego Cavallotti, which is from Italy, which we're trying on this album so we recorded a couple of the lead guitars on the record. Now he's doing this debut live. He's been touring with us for a few months now. He's done Asia and North America, now he's playing with us in Europe. Basically we're going to try him for the whole cycle of the record before we decide if he's going to be a permanent member but so far so good and he's a very good candidate. We like him and if everything works as right now, he will be our permanent guitar player.

Levi: How have people been reacting to the songs from the Delirium album?

Andrea: So far, really good. Even if so far we've been playing mostly 3 songs of the record, we will debut more of them actually when we're going to come to Australia and Japan in the fall. That's where we're going to add more songs and really move the proper tour for the record, so there will be more songs for sure. So far, so good. People is requesting a lot of these new songs, they've been blending pretty well in the sets although they really don't have a difference. So far so good, people is really digging the new record and it seems a lot of the fans that didn't really follow us after Karmacode or some of those records, they're also riding up and they're really liking the vibe of this new record. So far it's been pleasing both the newer fans and the older one as well.

Levi: You guys have been known to do some really great cover songs as well in the past. Just one example I can think of that I really love is "Losing My Religion" by REM. I was just wondering, have any of the people you've ever done a cover of heard your version and given you some feedback?

Andrea: No, we only know that Depeche Mode really enjoyed the version of Enjoy The Silence. At the time when we recorded it on the Karmacode record, the guy who mixed the album is a guy called Ronald Prent from Belgium. He also used to work with Depeche Mode a lot of times. He actually mixed also the original version of the song. He actually brought to them our version and played for them. They really enjoyed it and they gave us the permission to shoot the video for free, without paying any cost, any licensing. It was a great experience and we were meant to meet them also but then it never happened, we never had the chance to play the same festival. We never got the chance to set up the meeting but hopefully one day, and I know they really enjoy the version so that's great.

Levi: Speaking of bands that you've met, I know you've toured with some really great metal bands in the past. Is there any particular band that's a favorite band to tour with?

Andrea: I think every tour we had great experiences. Probably the one that we remember deeply, in a deeper way, is the one we did with Type O Negative. That tour was something very special for us, not only because Type O was one of the bands that we were really looking up to when we started, a big influence, especially in the way we choose to play a slower, darker kind of metal. It was one of our favorite bands, but also because they'd been becoming part of our family. We're still in touch with Johnny and Kenny and every time we go to New York, they come out to the show. It's been a deeper connection but then we had fun with Disturbed, with Rob Zombie, Megadeth. We always have a great time on tour with Sevendust but Type O will be always I think one special tour we will always remember.

Levi: What year was the Type O one?

Andrea: I think it was 2003. 3 or 4. Maybe 4.

Levi: What was Peter Steele like?

Andrea: He was great. He was a very ironic person with a very deep sense of humor, dark humor. Also very introspective at times but a very, very beautiful person. As everybody, he had his greatness and his sadness at the same time but he was like a brother. He didn't really like to come out to shows in Manhattan, but he came out for us a couple of times when we were with other bands and that was something unique because he didn't do it for many other bands. He's always been such a connection, even with the rest of the guys so we will always remember him as a brother, really. Actually at the end of the tour he took us out to an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn that he used to go. He paid for us and the crew, everybody and offered us the meal. It was such a great night. That's why we will always cherish that tour as our special moment, not just because of the music.

Levi: What's the metal scene like in Italy? What's it like over there right now? There's some great bands coming out like Fleshgod Apocalypse. Is it a strong metal scene there?

Andrea: Yeah. There is a scene but it is not very united and it's very spread out. We are the only band that brought metal music in the mainstream in Italy. We are the only one that hit chart pretty heavy and has support from radios and sometimes TV. We are at a certain level where you can sometimes scratch the surface and come out of the mainstream but in general it's definitely growing and there are very interesting new bands coming out. Fleshgod is surely one that is doing really well at the moment. We are friends with them. We did the Metal Cruise together last year and there was this little Italian package with us, Rhapsody of Fire. I think it's growing and there's hope for the new bands too.

Levi: I think the first album I ever heard from you guys was Comalies, but I didn't realize you guys have actually been around since 1994. What were those years between '94 til your first album in 1999 like?

Andrea: '94 was just me and Marco from the current lineup, the bass player. It was the very, very embryonic version of Lacuna Coil. We were just two kids, skateboarders that when we couldn't skate we were playing some of our favorite artist's songs at home, just with guitar and singing like that. Playing Black Flag, Chili Peppers, all that we liked at the time. We were very open and listened to a lot of hardcore and punk music and metal music, so we were just jamming together. I would say that the real beginning of the band for us has been in '96 when we found all the members of the band, like Cristina and the guitar players and we actually recorded our first demo of two songs. Then we led us to find a deal with Century Media.

We consider the official birth, let's say, of Lacuna Coil in '96, '97 when we actually find the name of the band and establish our sound as a band, and then we signed a deal and we create the name of the band. Next year actually is going to be the official 20 years as Lacuna Coil even if obviously we've been starting a little earlier. It's definitely different times, a lot of different things happened and we have achieved a lot more than we could expect in 1996 or '94. We were really kids that were playing their favorite music and try to sound like their favorite bands and we never expected to one day become professional musicians. We never even had that goal because we really loved music and loved expressing ourselves with music. We were living exactly how we were playing, we were only dressing in black, we were only have piercings and tattoos so we were that thing. It was a lifestyle, it wasn't just a dream to become musicians.

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