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Levi: You guys are coming back to Australia in September, are you excited?

Eddie: Oh yeah, we always look forward to coming to Australia. We feel really bad about having to cancel a potential tour in October 2015. That got postponed because we got an offer from Korn and when Korn ask you to be the direct support on their headliner then you don't say 'no'.

Levi: Korn were my favorite band on the planet when I was 11 years old, what are they like to tour with?

Eddie: Dude, they are really nice. Munky kept coming into our backstage room and hanging out and so did Head. It was really humbling to be honest, there was a lot of love going on from that camp, they really respected out art and our craft and they kept calling us the heaviest band ever which to me it made me feel like Stan [Stan Marsh, South Park] when he goes up to a girl [Wendy Testaburger] he just vomits, that's how I felt whenever the Korn guys were talking to us.

Levi: Suicide Silence are one of the heaviest bands out there, is it hard to bring the intensity every single night? Do you have to psych yourself up?

Eddie: It's not difficult to draw upon because the music the music in itself is so aggressive, as soon as the first sound of the snare drum pops off it's on! In order for us to all bring the same intensity every night you have to prepare your whole day, you get up in the morning and you make sure you're eating your Wheeties and you take about an hour before you go onstage to do your actual physical warm ups and also your mental and emotional warm ups, you get all the nerves out, you don't worry about what could go wrong, you just go up there with the intention to destroy the world, man.

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Check out the video for "You Can't Stop Me"

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