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ALBUM REVIEW: The Pete Flesh Deathtrip - "Svartnad"

Svartnad is a journey into the abstract bleak abyss. Follow Pete Flesh as impending doom, isolation and the cold barren landscape of the Scandinavian tundra is brought into the musical spectrum. Taking influence from doom, black and thrash metal mixed in with atmospheric and progressive elements. Opening track 'In Ruinam Iniquiltas' is straight up hellish doom, the opening sequence features low octave distortion and a slow build up on the drums. "Feed the flame with the blood of the demons" lets you know straight away that rainbows and butterflies is not what this album is about.

Pete's voice reminds me of an orcish general rallying up his soldiers for battle, it's gruff, sinister and feels genuine in it's delivery. Generally these days I don't pay much attention to lyrics these days but there are so many great lines such as "pale is the skin in the dead cold water" from the track 'Burial Shore' that it's hard not imagine a corpse filled battlefield. Lyrically it is safe to say there is somewhat of an AMON AMARTH storytelling element, if the Vikings were still around I'm sure they would dig this album.

"The Sun Will Fail" is the first single from the album and certainly a highlight. To me it has somewhat of an old school PARADISE LOST vibe, slow dissonant riffs with fast double bass drumming really makes the listener feel like the sun just may extinguish and leave the world in freezing darkness.

T.P.F.D.T are a great example of the huge amount of metal talent coming out of Sweden, what I love about the album is it feels genuine and heartfelt, it really captivates the listener and each song on the album is as strong as the last. Even though there are some great headbanger riffs on this album it also has a very atmospheric sound making it a great album for headphones late at night or would make for a great soundtrack for driving through mountain mists at sunrise.

If you're a fan of CELTIC FROST, ENSLAVED, BATHORY, PARADISE LOST or AMON AMARTH then Svartnad by The Pete Flesh Deathtrip is certainly worth checking out. It is available now on Spotify or for you old schoolers vinyl or CD which can be order right here: CRITICAL MASS

Take a listen to 'The Sun Will Fail' here!

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