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Grutle Kjellson gives Insights into the early Norwegian Black Metal scene, the setlist for the upcoming Australian tour and the recording process.

Here are a few excepts, listen below full the full chat!


" AC/DC are one of those bands, one of those bands that are strongly adopted by any fan of Rock n Roll, I would say they have just as many fans in the Punk scene as they do the Metal scene. They are just one of those bands. You've got to be a pretty big dick not to enjoy AC/DC, it's about enjoying music, not enjoying genres. That's pretty lame. "

On the early Norwegian Black Metal scene

" It was very refreshing back then, when we grew up there was no metal scene at all. Like, nothing going on. At the place we started rehearsals we were the only band around, it was cool that other bands had no fucking idea what was going on. They hadn't heard of this kind of music before and they were like 'woah, what the fuck is this?' and people were like scared of us. It was a strange feeling to scare adults. "

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