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Take a listen to Thrash-Metal veteran Chuck Billy talk about the new Testament album "Brotherhood of the Snake", plans for a 2017 tour of Australia and his thoughts on the current state of Metal.

Here's an excerpt from a bit of controversy regarding Rob Dukes claim that Chuck masterminded his dismissal from Exodus:

"No, there's not at all. I know Rob knows the truth about that. The only thing I did was, working with the band at the time, I made a suggestion, 'Either get somebody brand new or give Zet a shot.' And so they gave Zet a shot. And no matter how bad three of the guys in the band didn't want Zet back in, I think Zet proved himself by kicking ass on the demo. And I think Zet is a recognizable EXODUS voice. So, you know, it made sense, but it wasn't me pushing it. It was just me presenting it to the guys, and the guys made the decision."

Listen to the full interview!

Check out the first single!

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