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Hi guys, here's a few excerpts from the chat I had with Peter Holmström the guitarist from The Dandy Warhols. We cover topics from touring with and meeting David Bowie, switching from the major labels to the smaller Indie labels and his thought's on selling out. Levi: A While ago your song "Bohemian Like You" was featured in an ad for Vodafone, obviously there is good money advertising, was there ever a discussion in the band about whether selling your song could be seen as selling out? What were your thoughts on it at the time

Peter: We never had that conversation, early on... that was not our first advertisement. We'd had songs in movies, ads and TV shows at that point and nothing really happened of it. It was just some money that we could live on, so we didn't really think twice about it. The Vodafone ad was a lot of money, so we of course said "yes", and it just so happened to be a very 'well done' advertisement that lasted like 4 years. Our various record companies around the world re-released the song and sort of capitalized on that. Back then, we pretty much did get asked about "selling out" in every interview and we all don't see it that way. We made the song, a year later that company wanted to use it in an advertisement and it's like we didn't do anything. And because of that we were able to buy our own studio and because of that we're still a band and if we had a choice to do that again, I'd definitely do it again. But now, people don't even look at that as "selling out", it's just what you do if you are given the opportunity. Every band that pretty much can does that. I mean certain bands will never do that like Radiohead or whatever, but they don't need to, other bands do not have a choice. Like, when you are given an opportunity to get some money out of it. None of us are doing it for the money but when that opportunity comes up you shouldn't really turn it down.

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