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INTERVIEW: Wednesday 13 (Bourbon Crow/Murderdolls)

Here are a few excerpts from the chat I had shock rock icon Wednesday 13.

Check the YouTube link below for the full audio interview.

On rehearsing his back catalogue...

Wednesday 13: "I wish we could just pull em' out and you know... We're getting better at it. We always have to rehearse stuff. like for 'Fang Bang', we actually had two days before that show which we actually rehearsed here in Los Angeles. We also rehearse during soundcheck and the day-before and everything. The acoustic thing is all over the place, I have a list right now of 40 or so songs we could pick from and that we kind of gotta brush up on. The acoustic set is cool because I can kind of cover my whole career and catalogue and everything. The show with the full band lately has been more of the new material so I can't really go back and touch on all these old songs. With the acoustic thing I can tell the story behind the songs and what I was doing when I wrote it. It's a completely different show from last April."

On Country Music influence...

Wednesday 13: " I grew up on it, my parents had it on the radio constantly. I grew up in North Carolina, I grew up in The South where everything is pretty much Country there. When I was younger I didn't listen to it much because you don't wanna like what your parents like. Plus I didn't really understand it you know. I guess as I grew older.. when you're a little kid, 7 years old you're not going to relate to a Waylon Jennings song or a Johnny Cash song because you don't know what the hell they are talking about. When you get older and live life a little bit a lot of these Country songs can really relate to you and I find a lot of the old Country stuff like Waylon Jenning to Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson, David Allen Coe... all these guys did these kind of underground sort things and they did their own thing and didn't really follow any trends. I listened to it more and more as I got older and it really speaks to you, when the idea to do Bourbon Crow came around, that's is exactly what we were listening to after the shows. I wanted to put a band together that was something like that, that's when Bourbon Crow was born 10 years ago.

Listen to the full interview!

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'Member Muderdolls?... Yeah I 'member them

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