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INTERVIEW: David Sandström (REFUSED)

On the upcoming tour of Australia...

The last time was fucking amazing, it's the last thing we will do for the record. Then we will take a short break and then we will start writing, well we've been writing but we are going to record later in the year. It's going to be a lot of fun

Playing to crazy, wild audiences...

Generally that is the type of music that we play so people are supposed to take part. It is visceral in that sense. When we were in Australia in 2012 they were some of the craziest crowds we'd ever seen. It was intense. We come from that type of world, we actually spent our teenage years in the mosh-pit, I actually think it was crucial for us to make the music that we make. Even when we get sort of progressive and sort of complex, it's hard to imagine how anyone could make this type of music without having spent some time in the mosh-pit. it is very manipulative, you want to get people dancing and moving.

In the 90s we toured specifically Europe a lot. We could go down and do a lap of Europe 3 times in a year. We would play a lot of squats and DIY shows, so we've had everything from Nazis storming the place to some Italians that threatened us with a gun and wouldn't pay us to people throwing feces at us, like actual human shit. We've been through it all.

Listen to the full interview below!

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