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The inspirations for the new album 'Machine Messiah':

Andreas: " We had a great 3 year run, since the release of our last album 'The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart'. We went everywhere, all the great festivals, we celebrated 30 years of our career, we worked on our movie/documentary, we did the Rock in Rio DVD with Les Tambours du Bronx percussive group, we released a single "Under My Skin" celebrating the 30 years. It's been great, everything is positive, the line-up is very steady, very powerful, Eloy Casagrande our drummer has been with us 5 years now and he's brought so many new possibilities, he's an amazing musician who inspired us so much to do more. We wanted to explore our musicianship as much as we could and still maintain the Sepultura sound. Of course every Sepultura album brings something different and that's why we change producers as well. We've worked with great people like Ross Robinson and Roy Z and now with Jens Borgen in Sweeden, we've never recorded an album there. He brought so much energy and new ideas, it was a team, the bands and Jens and going to Sweeden to his studio was a perfect choice for this album. We could really focus and prepare ourselves "

Working with Jens Borgen as a producer:

Andreas: " his role was to be the fifth member of the band, of course he didn't write the music but he's there to take our demos and our ideas and compositions to the next level. Of course he has total freedom for suggestions, to change things and stuff but we had so much of a strong connection and chemistry that we were kinda talking the same language. Every song was really taken to a better position, a new level. It was very exciting but at the same time very difficult and demanding, we had a lot of fun with Jens, he has a great sense of humor at the same time he's very disciplined, we started working very early because his wife was pregnant and he had to work with the family but he never really lost one bit of energy working with us in the studio, he was so professional, so intense, so artistic, so organic and at the same time very technical and keen on the finer details. "

On whether he listens to Max Cavalera's post-Sepultura music?

Andreas: " Yeah, of course, I listen to everything. I have no reason not to listen to what he does. He made the albums with SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and different projects here and there and stuff, and, of course, I listen. But we are doing very different stuff nowadays. We are in different worlds, although we play metal, but we are doing very different things. Which, I think, that's why he left SEPULTURA — to do stuff different from what we do. And that's great — it's very positive for the fans and for the people who follow both bands or follow SEPULTURA. I think it's a very healthy territory, that we have more bands and more possibilities of collaborations and stuff like that. And it's great. I think artistically, it's very positive. "

Check out the music Video for "Phantom Self"! - New album "Machine Messiah" is out now!

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