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INTERVIEW: Timothy McTague (Underøath)

On performing the albums 'Define The Great Line' and 'They're Only Chasing Safety' in their entirety...

Timothy: The whole concept came about because we were not a band anymore and we thought, what would it be like for us to go out and play our two biggest albums? A kind of celebration of our career and what we have accomplished together, just kind of have fun for 5 weeks. We did a rehearsal tour this time last year and it just kind of destroyed! The best thing was the shows were good, everything sold out. From a business standpoint it was a great tour, but it also made us realize we love playing music together, we love each other. That was always the long-term plan of the band and it's why we stopped as a band in the first place. We realized this isn't just a 'flash in the pan' 5 week trip. It's kind of a re-birth of the band.

Plans for a new album...

Timothy: Man, that's a really good question. Right now we're not really focused on that. I'd be lying if I said we weren't trading riffs and noodling around, but right now there's really nothing really on the dock that feels good or feels right, there is nothing confirmed. We are not really opposed but there is nothing like "we have to do this or we have to do it by this date or else". If it naturally fits we will do it, if it doesn't we won't.

Thoughts on America's future under Trump...

Timothy: I think there are changes coming. I think that right now everyone thinks we're bad. I don't think that Donald Trump knows how to run the Country, I think the good thing about America is Donald Trump will not run our country. If he does something that is off-limits, like we saw with the female marches, we are not going to sit back and take his shit. We are going to go out and speak our mind, if we have to sit in the streets for weeks or months or years, it's not going to change. We are not going to sit by and let someone take that and run with it, at the same time, I think deep down he wants what is good for the Country based on what he thinks is good. I think he generally thinks that our Country and the Democrats are screwed up and he is genuinely trying to fix it. I personally disagree with what he thinks is right and wrong. I disagree with him personally, this is my Country and I'm going to stand up for it. I don't think any of us are ashamed to be American. I think we are just very cautious about making sure that our gay brothers and sisters and our women and our culture are able to thrive and be treated equally and are able to be respected. What I can't fix is what my Government says, but what I can fix is what my kids will know and that's something I always rest on, I don't know what the Country is doing but I know for a fact that there are 3 kids in my household that will grow up not understanding racial inequality and not understanding sexual inequality and they will grow up embracing people for who they are and love them the way they should be loved. Not to put it on a Christian note but that's what Jesus taught and that is what my faith is about and that is what my band is about and that is what my family is about. So, if there is enough families that don't look at the President as the 'end all, be all all' as to what's happening in the world and just take responsibility for themselves then I don't care what the President tells me what's right or wrong because I don't believe it.

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