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INTERVIEW: ‎Mille Petrozza (KREATOR)

On the new album 'Gods of Violence' and the accompanying film-clips...

Millie: We had the idea of doing a video trilogy, the first one kind of tells the story of the Kreator demon coming to life. The second one tells the story of the Kreator demon coming into medieval times and the third will be more current, a more modern video. I'm very happy with the way the videos look, I like them a lot.

On YouTube censorship...

Millie: It's not so easy man. YouTube wouldn't allow us to show nudity so our first video-clip 'Gods of Violence', if you want to see the uncensored version you have to go to VIMEO or something. An alternative to YouTube, you know. When it comes to violence there is no restrictions but when it comes to nudity there is, it tells you something doesn't it? I was very surprised. Our videos are very intense, especially the 'Gods of Violence' one, whether they like it or not I want people to be able to get the whole experience, not a tampered one. We had to make a special version for YouTube. We blur the nipples and stuff like that, I can understand where it's coming from, but of course it's kinda like the modern day MTV and you cannot do anything you want.

Thoughts and beliefs on Satan...

Millie: I believe in energy man. If anything I believe, it's too complex to explain in this short time I have in this interview what I really do believe. I don't believe in Icons, I don't believe in man-made Icons like God or Satan or anything. When i wrote 'Satan is Real', I thought to myself it's 2016 people are still believing in Gods and weird fairy tales from the past. When I was a teenager I thought these things would become obsolete by the year 2000 but it didn't. That inspired me to write this song, you know. I don't believe that Satan is real of course, but I believe that the human mind and the things people are still going to war for are very medieval and very much backwards. Instead of going forward and evolving to the directions that we all agree on the fact that these things are something that is defiantly for the history and the way we see the world in this day and age. We should move on,

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GODS OF VIOLENCE is out now via Nuclear Blast Records !

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