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On their last time down-under...

Rody: "We'd only been to Australia once before so it was interesting to see and kind of gauge the audience we had in Australia and it was a lot more than we were expecting. So we're coming back and trying it again."

Protest The Hero released their latest album 'Pacific Myth' initially as a Bandcamp.com digital subscription exclusive. Was it a success?

Rody: "Yeah, I think it garnered about 8000 people or something like that you know. It might be more, I don't know. We consider it a success. We knew it would isolate it to only our biggest fans, a lot of people that are sort of on the fence about it probably wont buy it but to people that don't know us yet it probably won't promote us to them all that well. A lot of people got it and ultimately at the end of the day because of the unique way it was released it did sort of create a wave of promotion in and of itself, so even though most people probably didn't purchase the subscription afterwards I'm sure a lot of people checked it out that wouldn't have. It was an interesting process and a lot of fun."

On whether they see money from their music videos on YouTube...

Rody: " We've never seen anything from the music videos, that I know of. For years and years we were under a labels thumb and they would put it up and they would collect royalties from it and still some of the music videos are up under former record labels. But even if they were collecting royalties they'd have to get millions upon millions of views in order to get an actual significant return. As much as we sort of have been cheated out of our dwindling royalties I don't really hold it that firmly against anyone cuz it's nothing to write home about. "

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