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About the new album 'Reaching Into Infinity'...

Herman: "I would say it's a continuation of Dragonforce, we're always trying to improve things, plus add a new element to our music while keeping the same sound and of course keeping the melody and speed and energy of what Is I guess you could say our 'signature sound'. The new album you get all of that, we even have a really long epic 12 minute song that our fans have been asking us to make"

On playing Soundwave Festival and thoughts on returning to Australia in June...

Herman: "Soundwave was great, great to see so many fans at the show. However of course we missed doing our own headlining tour, it's been years and years since we've done a Dragonforce headlining tour in Australia. Now we get to do it! we're excited, especially that we get to do it at the beginning of the tour. The album will have been out just a couple of weeks and we will get to be in Australia doing shows. So that's really cool for us, you won't have to wait as long again because we've been touring the US and Europe a lot, they usually get the start of the tour and you normally get the last part, but this time we've swapped it around. Don't say we don't love the Aussie's."

About the rumor Dragonforce speed up their guitar solos...

Herman: " It's funny, I still read this on the internet, "how do they speed it up? how will they speed it up live on the stage?". I say come to the show, come see us do the magic for you. Actually it was kind of weird for me that people thought it was sped up because I'd heard music that was fast way before our existence. We just do it in a weird way, we run around on stage and jump on trampolines and play fast solos. I'm always trying to find ways to be better at what I'm doing. Playing tighter, being more exciting, make my playing more fun, "

On whether Dragonforce play tighter now than they were 10 years ago...

Herman: "We are definitely better live than 10 years ago. I would say, 10 years ago we sometimes had a bit too much fun on tour, I gotta admit we would have one too many drinks that day or the day before, we'd get tired and we weren't as organized back then. We were just there having fun, having a blast, we never even thought we would do this for a living. Now we've toured around the world so many times, now when we play on stage we can hear what we are playing, we had great shows back in the days but it wasn't perfect every time."

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