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It's not everyday you get the chance to speak with a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame legend. Here's a few excepts from an interview I did with John Steel from The Animals. He will be touring Australia this May with original singer Eric Burdon, see the bottom of the article for information about tickets and tour dates.

On the early days of Rock n Roll and the formation of The Animals...

John Steel: "We we're all teenagers in the 50's and we were listening to the early days of Rock n Roll. That was a great time. When we started playing and became players when the 60s came around, that had to be one of the most exciting times anyone could have. Everything seemed to be changing, flashy movies, books and music in particular. It was a thrilling time to be young. it's gotta be the best time in my life anyway. I met Eric Burdon in 1966, it was out first day of art school and we discovered straight away we had the same taste in music and movies. The music we were listening to back then that inspired us was Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, the early Elvis stuff, it was a great inspiration to us. That's what inspired us to pick up instruments instead of just being listeners. We wanted to be players.

Once The Beatles came and kicked the door down we all sort of realized we'd all been doing the same sort of thing at the same time, we realized we were part of a big gang. it was a strange experience to realize we were all doing the same thing without knowledge of each other."

Listen to the full interview

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