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INTERVIEW: Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS, Grand Funk Railroad)

Wiki Bio: Bruce Howard Kulick (born December 12, 1953) is an American guitarist, musician and since 2000 a member of the band Grand Funk Railroad. Previously, Kulick had been a long-time member of the band Kiss (1984-1996). He was also a member of Union with John Corabi from 1997-2002. In addition he has also written and performed with huge name acts and artists such as; Meatloaf, Michael Bolton, Avantasia , Alice Cooper, Lita Ford, Lordi plus many others.

Here are a few excepts from the interview I did with legend himself. For the full interview make sure to click the YouTube link below, details about Bruce's live shows and Meet and Greets are are also included.

About the upcoming tour and Expo...

Bruce: The expo is only in Melbourne, those first 2 days. Even though all 3 bands that you know from the bill are going to be at the expo, the expo is unique in the sense that a KISS Konvention is kind of like a Star Trek convention. You get to meet and greet and do a Q&A, I'll do a clinic and there will be signings and stuff like that. The other gigs and on up by you (Brisbane) should be more like a real gig as far as I know. Actually for the shows in Melbourne fans will be very fortunate because Peter Criss agreed to be there and that's really huge of course. As for the gigs; Sisters Doll are a terrific band, I actually got to perform with them a bit in 2015. Shortly after I left they worked really hard and wound up on Australia's Got Talent which is remarkable exposure for them. Then they were able to crowd fund an album and I helped contribute to that. I think they did a fine job on that new record. They are just great talented young men. 3 brothers who are wonderful people and super talented. They will be my backing band without all the glam when they play with me. Four by Fate are a great band, they've played with some well known people some of them are connected to the KISS thing as well. It's a great bill, it's got a lot of great music for everybody who comes down and checks it out.

When you first joined KISS were you overwhelmed by the size of the fan base?

Bruce: It was a blessing, I mean you know KISS is one of those bands that the fans are very passionate and very dedicated, even though there are female fans, the males seem to be more consistently dedicated. I do think that is a band that is fortunate to have that generational thing. If your parents were into it all of a sudden the kids grow up loving it too. It's remarkable what I see. And a lot of the fans I have weren't even conceived when I was in the band, they get so nervous when they meet me and they follow me on the wonders of the web, YouTube and the ways people can share things now. I mean You could become a Beatles fan last week of 50 years ago, it's really remarkable the people that jump on board. I had no idea the things I did all those years ago would be cherished by people now.

On the controversy surrounding KISS's induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Bruce's thoughts on not being officially included...

Bruce: For me it was actually an incredible blessing. I know it was a little more awkward for Tommy [Thayer] and Eric [Carr] who had been currently kicking ass in the band and are treated just so well by the fans, the majority of the fans. If you're die-hard and you don't follow the band, whatever. But they are worshiped by everybody and here they are on the side-lines. I wasn't with them for almost 18 years, so here I am traveling with KISS basically, at their table, in their SUV, with their security and I'm brought into the arena as KISS. So I think if you put yourself in my shoes you'd see it as wonderful even for me and I welcomed it and I loved when Gene said "the great Bruce Kulick" and Tom Morello also mentioned my name on stage.

The Politics behind it, Gene and Paul fought very hard and they said what they had to say and since to powers to be at the Hall of Fame chose to treat KISS the way they did there was no performance, there was no magic, they had a golden opportunity to do something like what they did on 'Unplugged' and get everybody to play and they didn't want it, so it didn't happen and that's that. To me it take away from or ruin the event but I know some fans were disappointment, but they have to understand the people at the Hall of Fame truly didn't get it. Of course the original KISS matters in a big way okay, and of course it eclipses the non-makeup version but you look at the record sales and the impact of just my 12 years, everything points to them just being very wrong with their decision. I know we're not the only band that they've made this kind of problem for although there are some bands that they did make exceptions for. I think if there was a ratio and we looked at every band they've inducted that did have a similar situation to KISS, there are more that they've treated like KISS than not. I look at the big picture for it, so it all in the end was a win for me, I might not have been inducted but I felt like I was honored that night in a very big way

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