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On leaving Rise records for Nuclear Blast...

They're awesome (Rise records), but it's just such a big team with Nuclear Blast across the world. Like, we have people from Nuclear Blast in Australia! it's crazy because Rise is just an office in Portland. So, it's nice to have people all over the place always. To work with us and work out ideas with and make big things happen.

On the new album 'Shadows Inside' ...

I think it came out better than we could have ever expected, I think it's really cool because all these phoners and interviews that we've done has been surreal because all the responses have been the best this band has had. That's what we try to do every time, we go into the studio and you always hear stuff like "oh that was a good one" or "I really like this song and that progression", but you never hear, but you never hear the words "this one's is your best one yet". To hear that from pretty much all the outlets now it's making me go crazy for the fans to hear it. Everyday feels like a drag, it's taking too long.

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