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INTERVIEW: Vincent Cavanagh (ANATHEMA)

On the new album 'The Optimist' and the upcoming tour of Australia in December...

Vincent: What we will be doing is playing the full album from start to finish, it's a live visual performance, there's a visual story attached to this record. It's something we're going to actually focus on performing live. So it's the whole thing from start to finish, with no breaks and no talking to the audience or anything like that, we are just going to be heads down and into it for the first hour. Then we take a short break, we say "hi" and play some old stuff. It will be good, it will be really really good. it's a good chance to show that side of the band, I'm looking forward to it.

On performing live with Theoretical Physicist Professor Stephan Hawking...

Vincent: I'm pretty sure he hadn't heard of us before we played live with him but yeah he knows us now, he's got the records. It was his chance to get on stage with a rock band, we were doing the festival anyway honoring Professor Hawking and the owner of the festival knows we are huge Pink Floyd fans, he said could you do 'Keep Talking' because if you do it I think I can get Stephan to do it with ya, he's really like that. We said "absolutely, ask him, if he wants to do it, we'll do it". Stephan is very cool actually, he has a great wicked sense of humor and for him it was a chance to be a rock star, like "fuck yeah I'm doing it" you know what I mean. He really helped us out in the preparation by making sure the voice was right and getting it exactly as it was needed. So yeah, it was a huge, huge honor for the band to be given that opportunity and I think David Gilmore (Pink Floyd) missed a treat by not doing it when he had the chance in the 90s, so at least we've done it now.

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