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INTERVIEW: Max Cavalera

About playing 'Roots' in it's entirety...

Max: "It started out as an experiment at a festival in Canada. It has really grown since then, we took it to America and Europe and South America and all the shows were sold out and packed. Everybody really liked what we came up with. The whole 'Roots' album which is like an hour, then we play our favorite cover songs and just messing around with stuff that we love. It's like a celebration of Metal. 'Roots' was a big album for us, the biggest Sepultura album. I'm proud of the record, I'm proud of the Brazilian culture we expose on 'Roots' is really cool. Re-creating all those sounds live now 2o years later is even more fun than when it came out. So we are just really enjoying the moment and enjoying playing the album for the fans and we ca't wait to be down in Australia."

Favorite songs from from the album?

Max: "Well it depends, sometimes I like more the Punk stuff which is like Cut-Throat, Spit, Straight-hate, sometimes I like more of the hits like Roots Bloody Roots, Attitude, Ratamahatta, other times I like the experimental stuff like Look-Away, Ambush. It all depends on the show, it's really a complex record and fun to play. Even when we play Itsari which s a tribal song Iggor does drums on top of it. We do a new version of Roots Bloody Roots called Roots 2017. It's so fun to play the whole record. I never get tired of it, night after night, it's always different."

On the next Cavalera Conspiracy album...

Max: The album is all done actually. It was mastered a couple of days ago, it's fucking amazing. It's a beast of an album, It's got 9 songs, one song has got Justin Broadrick from Godflesh, it's kind of an Industrial metal song, like Godflesh meets Nailbomb meets Cavalera Conspiracy the rest of the album is kind of a trip back to the Schizophrenia album and the Arise album meets Nailbomb and Beneath The Remains. It's really well done, it's produced by our friend Arthur who did stuff like Power Trip and Inquisition he did a great job on the record. I love the record, I put it neck to neck with anything I've done in the past. It was recorded underground in the Desert, here in Phoenix. The guys studio was under the ground which I think really gave the album a super cool vibe. It's coming out in October and I can't wait. We have got the cover done, it's got this crazy tribal guy. I'm really excited it's going to be a hell of an album. I can't wait for people to hear.

Listen to the full interview. (Apologies for the audio quality, my questions are inaudible, Max sounds fine though)

Roots Bloody Roots!!!

Click the tour poster if you wanna see the show!

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