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INTERVIEW: Cristian Machado (ILL NINO)

What does the album Revolution Revolución mean to you?

Cristian: "The album sums up so many years of my early adulthood, I guess from the moment I started in the music scene when I was 14 years old I started jamming with musicians from different bands. Looking back on the lyrics now I can't really pinpoint where my state of mind was at the time, apart from a lot of confusion and conflict in myself, at least that's what I take away from it now when I read back some of the lyrics, I've been mentioning in all of the interviews how lucky I feel to be able to go back and perform these songs all these years later with a little more musical maturity. When the album came out I was still learning how to sing and I was still trying to find my way and luckily after many years of touring I think I've been able to find some of the things that work for me a little bit better and also the emotion that should be put behind the lyrics in the live show. I'm just grateful to be able to come back and play these songs all these years later, the songs still sound relevant to me, it's refreshing in itself. It's the album that changed our lives. I don't think we will try re-invent anything but we will certainly try to dig and really push ourselves and try find creative different things to add."

Thoughts on the early 2000's rock/metal music scene...

Cristian: " I'm grateful we were able to come out at a time when people appreciated music a little more and were perhaps paying for it still. When you pay for something perhaps you tend to appreciate it a little more. I know the state of the music industry today there is a lot less risk that goes along with becoming creative. People are worried that it's not going to sell and it's not going to break the ice. We were just lucky we came out in a time when it was accepted to be creative and it was a time when rock music fans were open minded, they wanted to hear things different and they didn't want all the bands to sound exactly a like, They can tag it with the 'Nu-Metal' term all they want but truth be it is those bands didn't really sound like each other. Korn didn't sound like Deftones, Deftones didn't sound like Linkin Park. To me it seems like there is a huge divide between Rap Metal and Nu Metal which I never understood because a lot of people just call it all Nu Metal. To me Nu Metal was just a time to be creative and that's why they termed it Nu [New], maybe people were tired of hearing the same thing over and over."

On whether Nu Metal is an underrated genre...

Cristian: "It's not underrated at all. It became "cool" to hate it just like it was cool to hate 80s music in the 90's. That's all it was, It's not that it's underrated, it's just that people either grow or they close their minds. I think after that the Metal scene after Nu Metal needed to grow, Metal-core kinda offered that, It took music a little more in the extreme direction but certainly it lost the originality factor and the creative element or if you don't wanna say "creative" then the pride element. Something that sounds like only you."

Thoughts on the recent suicide of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell...

Cristian: "I think it's tragic you know. It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to do something like that. Especially from two artists that were somewhat easy going people you know. Especially Chris Cornell who seemed to be more stable within his whole vitality, he wouldn't come down on himself too much. I know Chester did and that's all come to light recently. it truly is tragic, I don't know, I'm heartbroken by it and I don;t really know how I should feel about it. I know that his family is probably suffering so much and both their families would be suffering so much. it's sad that a human being even after having a loving family and a successful career they still feel like they don't want to be in this world. It say's a lot about our mental state of where we perhaps are at right now as adults, or maybe just the mental state of someone that has grown up in the music scene and feel like they have no outlet or someone to really talk to. I can personally say that I know what that feeling is like but you know I'm grateful that it never went as far as to what Chris and Chester felt. it truly is sad and it's tragic and I've always been one to say that I believe that no one human being ever has the right to tell another human being when their end date should be or when their end date should occur. It's tough because there will always be people that are suffering because they don't want to be here anymore and I suppose they feel like the positives aren't outweighing the negatives. When you consider families and the real effect and impact that it has on other people, it's made me think about it a little bit."

On meeting Chester Bennington...

Cristian: "I never met Chris Cornell. I've met Chester several times and hung out with him at various times. We shared some cool moments together. Chester was there on our first showcase when we got signed to Roadrunner Records, we were on the same management team when we first came out and started touring. I have some awesome memories of Chester and I wouldn't want to think of him any other way.

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