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INTERVIEW: Glenn Hughes

Thoughts on touring Australia in September/October playing a full set of Deep Purple classics...

Glenn Hughes: "I'm excited to be playing these songs, I've never done a complete evening or show in my career since I left the band. I've never done a complete show of Deep Purple songs since then. To gather the songs again, to re-visit some of these songs, to explore them and to fine tune them as much as possible and then thinking "wait a minute", you can't really fine tune stuff you wrote when you were so young, it has to be organic, it has to have flavor and it has to real you know. What I don't want is bring these songs in any one particular form, they need to be played organically. No loops, no nothing, it should just be organic rock music."

On keeping fit and healthy...

Glenn Hughes: "I think I've just got my mothers skin, I've been clean and sober a long time, I am a workout enthusiast. I do take care of my outer body as well as my inner body, it's the inner body that's the most important. The inner self and the higher self. Without going on a spiritual tirade I just think that we as humans are all given gifts and let's just say that the gift I was given all those years ago, I didn't realize I had the gift, the voice, the music, the emotional side people I hear when I do my work, you know. I'm just honored that I'm still here on my two feet, stilling doing what I guess my higher power gave me all those years ago."

The Deep Purple songwriting process...

Glenn Hughes: "The writing was pretty much done, we group-wrote most of it. 'Burn' was pretty much a band effort and 'Stormbringer', Ritchie [Blackmore] didn't write so much, I think halfway through the album is when he started to think about Rainbow and then of course 'Come Taste The Band' came out with Tommy [Bolin], some of it was written with me and Tommy or Me and David [Coverdale], all three albums are completely different in terms of what genre of Rock music it was. 'Burn' was more of a Classic Rock album, 'Stormbringer' was a Classic Rock album with a lot of Groove and Soul and 'Come Taste The Band' was very across the board you know., pretty much everywhere."

On the new Black Country Communion album titled 'BBC IV'...

Glenn Hughes: "It's coming September 22nd, recorded earlier this year. Joe [Bonamassa] and I wrote the album in my home last October, just the two of us. it's the first time we've ever wrote completely alone, It's been a really great experience to do album number four with Kevin Shirley and Jason Bonham, we are a family and I'm really excited for people to hear it. It will come out the week I start my tour in Australia."

On Potentially working with Tony Iommi again...

Glenn Hughes: "I see Tony every couple of years, we have dinner with our wives and we always have a little chuckle together "we have to do another album together". Tony is one of my closest friends, and all I care about right now is Tony having some downtime, he's gone through the cancer thing and doing great, he's got a lovely wife and family and all the guys in Sabbath are really good friends of mine, those guys need to take a minute. Ozzy is back out there doing what he does. If Tony and I get together through faith and Karma, If it happens it happens you never know. We will have to wait and see.

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