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INTERVIEW: Daniel Erlandsson (ARCH ENEMY)

Levi: What are your thoughts on coming back to Australia?

Daniel: I'm super excited about it. I mean it's been far too long since we were down there. It's been five years, I think. It's going to be really cool to come back with the new album. Well, basically the new line up as well since we had Angela singing in the band last time over there.

Levi: I haven't seen the band yet with Alissa, but I really dig those two new albums [War Eternal & Will To Power]. How is she going in the band so far? I think people seem to really be embracing her and she's doing well in the band. How do you think she's going so far?

Daniel: Well, she's doing great. I mean, she joined the band and ever since then she's become more and more of a vital part of the band then now. She is where she is. She's a huge part of the sound and the image of the band. I think the live show of Arch Enemy is, for us, it feels kind of the same because we're doing the same thing but from a fan's perspective I guess it looks quite different now to back then.

Levi: For sure. You're also joined by the legendary Jeff Loomis. He's now playing guitar for you guys. Excellent guitarist, as you know. He also played in Nevermore. I just heard the really sad news about Warrel Dane passing away. I'm sure you guys must have toured with him before. Was that a bit of a shock to hear that?

Daniel: Yeah, it was very, very, sad to hear it, I mean. We did a US tour, which was the first US tour ever with Arch Enemy. It was actually when we had Johan Liiva singing. It was Arch Enemy and Nevermore so we got to know those guys pretty well already back then. We've stayed in touch all since then but that's really sad, very sad.

Levi: Yeah, definitely. You're also going to be playing a few side shows around Australia. Can you tell us a bit what fans can expect from the set list? Do you try to cover all the albums or is it going to be focused more on the Alissa White era of the band?

Daniel: Yeah. For those headline shows we're gonna try to play as much as we can obviously. As much as we have time for, but we're focusing mostly on the albums since, at least, since Angela joined the band so we don't go too far into the catalog. Where there's a lot of material then there's enough to choose from. It's hard to select set lists, but we try to keep it cool all along the way, yeah.

Levi: Yeah, definitely. Will to Power seems to be going great. What we're your thoughts when you go into it, when you watch Enemy album when you try to obviously progress your sound but there's all those things, all your key characteristic are still there, the harmonized solos, the brutality? Do you guys write music to please the fans or do you write stuff that you want to hear as well?

Daniel: I think it's a little bit of both, but the first step is that we have to like it ourselves, obviously. Then you can also sometimes feel that, okay maybe this is going to be a fan favorite or this and that. It's going to work well live, but it's not always those predictions coming true. Other songs or other parts of songs become crowd pleases or crowd favorites.

I mean, with this album especially we were looking back on the one we did before, War Eternal, which to me when everyone else in the band was ... I was very proud of that one and what we managed to achieve over years touring with Alissa as well. We wanted to make sure that Will to Power was not a disappointment so, yeah.

Levi: Now, Christopher Amott's not in the band anymore, but you guys are still pretty close, right? Didn't you do the Black Earth project a little while ago? Do you still talk and stuff? I was just wondering how he's going these days?

Daniel: Yeah, he's doing well. He's relocated to America actually. He lives in New York. Yeah, he's doing well. He's always working on something musically related. Right now he's playing guitar with Dark Tranquility actually.

Levi: Yeah, and with Jeff Loomis does he write a lot of the riffs or does he come in and do the solos? Does he contribute much to the songwriting?

Daniel: Mainly because of how the whole thing panned out, timing wise. When he came and showed his ideas we were already so deep into the writing process that, that didn't happen this time, but he's playing in many, many, cool solos on the album. There's always the future. There's definitely going to be another album one day and we'll see what happens then. Maybe he's going to be a bigger part of that writing wise.

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