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Q&A: Nick Timney (LICH KING)

I Just checked out your new album ‘The Omniclasm’. Really dig it mate, your shit shreds! It’s good old fashion no bullshit straight to the point thrash metal. How would you describe the album for people that haven’t heard it?

Nick: This is record is all adrenaline. It's non stop speed and aggression, what thrash metal is at it's core.

I feel like you guys are more into the punk/hardcore style of thrash metal. I hear some old school Anthrax, Overkill, Suicidal Tendencies vibe in your sound. Who would you say the bands biggest inspirations are?

Nick: As the band has evolved, more of that crossover sound has been seeping in. You could say a few dashes of Suicidal and SOD were there from the start, but it shows now more than ever. Still the riffing probably finds most of it's inspiration from Exodus, Slayer, and Vio-Lence.

What have been your favorite tours/festivals you’ve played?

Nick: Our last run through Europe was probably the wildest ride yet. And it did have us at our first EU festival, Barosellas Metal Fest in Portugal. There we played just after Mayhem and the crowd was relentless. Given the circumstances we found it mandatory to play "Black Metal Sucks". Some 30 or so people rushed the stage and I thought it we were goners. Fortunately, they just wanted to headbang and stage dive.

Who are your favorite bands to tour with?

Nick: As it happens, we haven't toured with any band more than Adelaide's own Hidden Intent, with whom we've done 50 or so dates. Phil, Chris, Paul, and Con are some of my favorite people to hit the road with. Exmortus is up there too, we've done a couple tours with them. They're nice enough guys that I don't even mind them shredding circles around me on a nightly basis.

What bands would you most like to tour with?

Nick: Iron Reagan would be really cool. We shared the stage a couple of times and it's always been a good fit.

Have you played in Australia before? If not do you think you will make it down someday?

Nick: We have not. But thanks to Chris and Hidden Intent, we're headed that way in February.

Why do you think Black Metal sucks?

Nick: Are you deaf?

Who are the most overrated Thrash bands?

Nick: The big four. Don't get me wrong, some of those bands have put out records that changed my life. But they're still worshiped although no one can deny that they've fizzled out. Now that Scott Ian and James Hetfield have stopped reading all of my press clippings, I can finally get that off of my chest.

In what order would you rank The Big Four?

Nick: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Narragansett, Corona, Budweiser.

Check out the music video for "Cut The Shit"

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